= Mark Bingham was an American public relations executive who during 9/11, was a passenger on Flight 93 and along with 3 others formed the plan to retake the plane from the hijackers. His heroic efforts on United Flight 93 were noted for having prompted a reassessment ofstereotypes. =

At first that seemed like a strange claim, but the articles referenced after the claim in the wiki (except the first one) fill a bit of his backstory as a rugby player and fraternity guy before coming out and having a documentary and a lot of general coverage after 9/11. I also have to remind myself a lot has changed since 2001 and his actions probably did help the story of his life cut into some news circles that otherwise might not have been exposed to anything much like it

Keep in mind nearly half the country was screeching thatmen woulddogs and children if they were allowed to marry in 2011. 2001 was the dark ages. Every single man used “ft” as an insult one hundred times a day

I remember it was fairly well publicized, starting a week or so after the attacks, that Bingham wasand that he played in arugby league. It wasn't a headline news story, but it certainly was significant -- in 2001 -- that someone being recognized as a true American hero could also be

Yeah, but this is America. For better or for worse,will represent their group whenever they end up in the news. Just go to any video of a black person on r/crazyfuckingvideos or r/publicfreakout and you’ll see most commenters judging allbecause of the person in the clip

Bingham was a rugby player who was in the process of creating amens rugby club in NYC, both to provide a place formen in athletics and also to help break the stigma of the effeminateman

He died before the club was officially founded, but is still credited in its creation posthumously

Gotham Rugby competes in a league with plenty of other NYC teams, as well as teams in NJ, CT, and upstate New York. I’ve played against them a few times, as recently as this year, and they are some of the respectful and hard hitting players I’ve had the pleasure of playing against

Earlier this summer, Gotham went on to take second place in the InternationalRugby Tournament, known as the Bingham Cup in Mark Bingham’s honor

I’m sorry, but that simply isn’t true. His sexuality was not a part of the national conversation. Not saying that to slight him or who he was, but this just didn’t happen

I was 25yo in 2001 and I absolutely remember stories on national TV news shows about Bingham that made a point to acknowledge his sexuality. It was particularly noticeable because the acknowledgements were usually done in a much more respectful tone than was common for that time

No, there weren't headline news banners proclaiming Bingham's sexuality. But the fact that many national and super-regional news outlets acknowledged it, and felt compelled to do so respectfully, that certainly had an effect

It definitely was. Certainly not on the day of the attacks because everyone was a bit preoccupied, but this was in news circulation for sure

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