= If you are interested in EXPR disclosing DRS numbers to the public, you may want to consider emailing their investor relations to let them know. =

Every 3 months, Express puts out a 10-Q report. Express could easily include the DRS numbers like GME does (see below). Express investor relations email is: [email protected]
Keep in mind that public companies are not allowed to disclose shareholder ownership that is held in street name with brokers, BUT they are allowed to communicate with and report ownership from their transfer agent regarding direct registered shares

For reference, here is how GameStop worded it on their last 10-Q. There will be another update tomorrow as that's when their 10-Q comes out

"As of April 30, 2022, 12.7 million shares of our Class A common stock were directly registered with our transfer agent."
You can see it here at the bottom of page 10:
This is not financial advice

I respect your effort here with this post and the others. I highly doubt EXPR or KOSS have many DRS holders yet. AMC maybe a bit more, there's probably never been a single stock with as many unique DRS investors as GME though. Will be interesting to watch how all of these play out

Even if it’s one share, it’s one share that can’t be loaned and shorted. Marathons start with the first step

Hey all: look at the EXPR ticker @ 1403 someone bought 106k share kicking that big volume bar up. Not only immediately after did the stock price decline MACD cross back over the RSI dropped significantly. At one point I saw the volume bar turn RED as if it was a sale. So I went back and reconfirmed it was a buy, and by that time it had turned back to green. Any thoughts on this besides the typical everyday crime that’s occurring?