= image/video On May 7, 1989 a famous PR photo was recreated with SP 6051 (E9A), UP 951 E9A and ATSF 347C (F7A). =

These F7s are all in residence at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento USA. They all operate and are often used in excursion rides, especially in the Polar Express in winter time. We also have a B unit in the Super Chief livery. Awesome machines! First edit: I added the long detail for the SP 6051. Looking for detail on the others

More detailed information on the SP 6051, EMD E-9A (Long Read):
This locomotive was one of the last nine passenger engines added to the Southern Pacific (SP) roster prior to 1967. (After 1967, ten SDP 45s were added.) No. 6051 is powered by two V-12 567C diesel engines that each drive nine large, variable voltage generators, powering two traction motors on each truck. The only major modification to this EMD E-9A locomotive before its retirement in the late 1960s was the addition of a snow plow pilot sometime between 1963 and 1965

The 6051 has gone through multiple color schemes. It was originally painted in SP's famous "Daylight" colors of orange, red, black and silver. In July 1958, the locomotive was painted black and orange, following SP’s experimental paint scheme. This scheme did not last, and the SP selected gray and scarlet as its universal colors. The No. 6051 was painted to conform. This locomotive served the railroad for fifteen years. The locomotive pulled passenger trains along SP's “Sunset" and "Golden State" routes from Los Angeles to New Orleans. The locomotive also ran to Tucumcari, New Mexico, for connections to Chicago, as well as hauled "Coast Daylight," "San Joaquin Daylight" and" Lark" trains from Los Angeles to Oakland and San Francisco

On Dec 31, 1969, this engine was donated by SP to the Pacific Coast Chapter of the Railway & LLocomotive Historical Society, with the intent of its being displayed in a museum setting. The CSRM acquired the locomotive and prior to being placed on display, major restoration work was necessary. This restoration work was both cosmetic and mechanical

In early 1981, a cosmetic restoration of No. 6051 involved major carbody structural and side panel repairs, sandblasting of the exterior, and a cleaning of the cab and engine compartment. In addition, the snow plow pilot was replaced with the original freight-style pilot. The E-9A was painstakingly repainted and lettered in the classic "Daylight" paint scheme

Between 1982 and 1984, SP employees gave new life to No. 6051 by putting the diesel power plants, generators, traction motors, and accessories back into operation. They performed this service as volunteers. The engine ran again under its own power in Dec 1983

On May 5, 1984, the fully serviceable E-9 was displayed opposite SP's "Daylight" steam locomotive No. 4449 and the "World's Fair Daylight" train which was on a run from Portland to New Orleans. No. 6051, complete with a newly restored, hand-painted stainless steel SP Lines medallion, made a dazzling appearance beside the type of steam locomotive it replaced in 1954

In addition, No. 6051 returned to the main line in 1984. It completed a round-trip visit from the CSRM to Roseville, where it delighted many visitors during the 75th anniversary celebration of SP's Roseville locomotive shops

The engine also headed two round-trip excursion trains between Sacramento and the Bay Area the weekend of April 27-28, 1985, for SP's Western Division Employee Days. SD-45 units furnished the major source of power for these trains, but No. 6051 was the colorful "point” of the train. More recently, No. 6051 was an honored guest at the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal, May 5-8, 1989. Currently, the fully operable