= Or you pay a PR company to help place stories =

Business Insider and Forbes are glorified blog sites lmao I knew that in college
And the content is always full on puff PR talking points ("Regularly draws over a million viewers") There's no actual analysis, it's just filler

Forbes once fired one of their writers because Joss Whedon was pissy at one of their articles calling him out on his behavior
They will post almost anything written by anybody. It's extremely likely Tony had the Jags' PR guy type something up and post it

Forbes was okay when Steve Forbes still had a hand in it. Much like Bloomberg orHuffington post. Once the namesake left it went down hill

Is this dude really responding to trolls while his show is currently airing lmao
Big bicep Tony is a couple of good bumps away from going full on Ulysses Diaz

Can't wait for the company to get big enough to go public and for the board to mandate TK mash his twitter login. What aputz

A billiondollars and this guy is arguing with egg accounts that have zero followers. Go chill on an island or something forsake

Theclaim that it is the case when Alfred Konuwa writes for it. But then it morphs into an august publication when they publish an AEW puff piece

Yes. Almost every wrestling thing I’ve seen on Forbes was a blog by Bix. The AEW thing was an actual puff piece by one of the Forbes staff though, I think

What kind of take is this?! The wealthy do thisALL the time. Oh but I guess he's the good billionaires son

There seemed a real effort to use the media when they were in New York

Big market, I get it
One of the dudes that did a story on him had a role at his magazine that was
*'I report on the lives of the wealthy'*
Basically, what shall I write Mr Khan
Even then, the dude buried the Dub compared to Fed revenues
will act like "got em, Tony" "MFer has gone and done it" "stop Tony he's dead"
Bravo Tony

Taking down trolls one at a time

You're a guy a guy like me can identify with

You just get "it" man

I'm proud to be a professional wrestling fan again for the first time since the territories

We are going to turn the tide on the ratings

We are going to have our highest ppv # ever

We have changed the game

We are A. E. W

You boys kickedtonight on Friday

I know we're going to kickon Wednesday

it's great to be All Elite.