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Hey guys,
we had a PR company reach out to us via instagram shortly after we released our first single - from there they emailed us and said we'd "be a good fit for their roster"

We booked a meeting to discuss later this week - what are some good questions to ask? How can we qualify the company to make sure our money is being spent in the right place?
our band has an extremely small following (just over 100 insta followers) but pulled pretty okay streams for the first month (~7k spotify)

we also did hire a PR firm for our first single - they got us on aof playlists and blogs and some radio

To put it bluntly, you are paying for their connections. You should be hearing "I went to college with XX from Consequence of Sound," or "I play frisbee golf with Anthony Fantano" (if only
If they are simply putting together a pretty press kit and sending it to [email protected]; it's not worth the $500/month. You can knock that out yourself over a cup of coffee and your odds of success will be equally dismal

I would ask them for a list of publications they regularly get press in AND ask for examples (so you can make sure it's a legit feature and not just a little blurb). After the meeting, look up each blog/website; how much traffic do they get, how influential are they? If you haven't heard of them before, check their social media pages; see if they have a real following, or if it appears to be bloated. PR companies are notoriously sketchy and do not put it past them to create fake websites so it
*seems* like you're getting a lot of press

If they reached out to you it's automatically suspect. Anyone worth their salt is so busy these days that they don't even have time to bother looking for new clients

Having said that, I would ask them about your music and what, specifically, they liked about it. If they're really into your music then that's a great start. How many artists do they work with? What are the biggest artists? What is their plan and what do they expect to accomplish, specifically? You want specific numbers

I would say generally speaking, based on how you described yourselves, you're way too early in your development to be hiring a PR firm. If you had 2,000+ instagram followers, 20,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify, and aof good reviews already, etc - that is, you were a bit more established - maybe a different story. But it sounds like you haven't done a sufficient amount of the tedious one-fan-at-a-time groundwork yet to really benefit from a PR firm. I think you'd be wasting your money at this stage

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