= What are some mustfamous food / restaurants in PR (nothing fancy. just good eats!) =

Looking to try some famous iconic dishes / restaurants anywhere in puerto rico

Looking less at fancy restaurants like 1919 and more seeking places such as "what is the best restaurant on the pork highway"
Thank you in advance

So I am no expert, but I ate a pile of different mofongo last time I was in PR and my absolute favorite was the Trifongo at Orozco's Restaurant Def not fancy, but very tasty

If you like chocolate, I also recommend Chocobar Cortés
Ok, Old San Juan, El Patio de Sam and La Fonda del Jibarito, also La Mallorquina (fancy) but its the oldest running restaurant in old San Juan, the asopao (stew) is resonable

Hop the San juan bay ferry to Catano, walk across the street andat the restaurant there, then catch the ferry back to old San Juan

Carolina - El Metropol, industrial quantities of food, try the cornish hen stuffed with blackbeans and rice, come hungry

Stay away from the chain restaurants unless your having some kind of withdrawl symptoms

When I fly back home, some of the things I need to get are:
mofongo - lots of mofongo. Filled, chicken, caldo de pollo
carne frita
Chinese - pepper steak
Chinese - pepper chicken
Chinese ^ - sometimes with fries, sometimes with tostones with garlic (some places have even mofongo as a side.. 👌)
pinchos - skewers (chicken, pork usually, but you can go wild in some spots and find shark and other things)
you might be able to find pasteles
For breakfast, hit the bakeries. Lots of sandwiches and different breads

Breads: Sobao, Agua, Mayorca

Sandwiches: besides breakfast (egg, ham, cheese, vegetables), you can do tripleta, bistec, media noche, cubano… And then you have pastries, get some quesitos, pastelillos de guayaba (guava puff pastries), among tons of others.

I don’t have much recommendations to specific places. I get hungry and if I’m close to family, I know spots. If not, I just ask randomly around for recommendations. Depending on people’s faces when they answer I decide to go or not 🤣 I gotta see someone getting excited about their recommendation

Rincon has Sana Farm to Table, was impressed with the quality. Luquillo has La Parrilla a bit expensive but it is SO good! In metro area, I really enjoy Loiza 2050 and Pirulo’s for Pizza, and La Coffettera for Breakfast. My go to for local food -> La Cueva del Mar. I’m salivating already

Heading to the east coast, there are La Estasion and Las Vistas Cafe in Fajardo / Las Croabas. La Estasion for dinner and Las Vistas for breakfast / brunch

Lechonera Rancho T
74WG+PRX, Lares, 00669, Puerto Rico +1 787-201-8148 httpsg.co/kgs/L4wodQ
A must visit every time I’m in PR

This one used to be my favorite (I live in Mayagüez and we would go up there once a month just for lechon) but now I've found Lechonera Los Pinos right here in Mayagüez and it blows Rancho T away. Hands down the best lechon I've found. Every bite is fully seasoned and moist and the skin is nice and crispy. Every single time

On my trips to PR, ricomini bakeries have really good pastries and breakfast and deli items. They're a local chain on the island with clean, huge spaces and nice staff. In Rincon, La Cambija and La Copa Llena are two memorable places - the latter has a porch right on the beach, great for sunsets and the food is delicious too. OTOH, I don't really recall having a bad meal in PR!
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