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Welcome to WayOfTheBern! You can look at the bar to the right for a lot of info on the sub. But to answer quickly this is a sub devoted to the policies espoused by Bernie throughout his career and and particularly during his presidential runs, such as Medicare for All, $15+ minimum wage, Eliminating student debt, college cost controls, reigning in the MIC, social equality, etc.

We are not a cult (though we have been accused many times) and will call anyone out when we disagree with their stances. That includes Bernie - which has happened a lot as of late since he backed Biden. No one is above criticism here. And there's a particular hatred towards politicians and other people who act like they're our allies and then work against our interests.

As for the sub, it is lightly moderated (it's extremely hard to get banned) and all views are welcome - though it definitely slants left - as long as people debate in good faith. We have progressives, liberals, conservatives, independents, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, MPPs, etc. But just because people are welcome doesn't mean they won't be challenged. If you don't like defending your position against people who disagree with you then this isn't the place for you.

While Bernie primarily acts as a social democrat, this sub tends to lean more towards democratic socialist. So it is a bit of a socialism sub. But again, there's a wide range of views here so capitalists are well represented also.

To be blunt WayOfTheBern is a lot like what r/politics would be if r/politics was open to all political discussion and not heavily biased and heavy handed moderated.

Some people love this sub, othersit and want it gone. Stick around and see which group you fall into.

this sub?


Did you read the sidebar, with links thoughtfully provided to answer just that question? Start up top with Rules. Then proceed down the sidebar.

THUMBNAIL OVERVIEW: This sub was created in 2016 by Bernie-supporting refugees from dKos who were told toup about Bernie after April 15 because HRC would be the nom and only "constructive criticism" of her would be allowed.

This sub isn't strictly a "Bernie sub." It's not wholly this or that. The bulk of members who engage here seem to support Bernie because of the issues he's long championed: policy, not person or party. Many have become disillusioned with the 2020 "my friend Joe" Bernie, the tired old man who still roars sometimes but has lost his fire and given up or given in.

When we agree with him on the issues and his actions, we support him. When we disagree, we don't.

Nothing that appears here signifies an official sub seal of approval; there isn't one. This is a free-expression zone. If it doesn't violate Reddit's rules or our One Rule (see sidebar), it's allowed here. Otherwise, WotB's mods don't paternalistically remove content. They leave posts and comments for people to choose to read or skip, engage with or ignore, upvote or downvote. They don't enforce a subwide view of anything--even Bernie. They welcome differing points of view. They treat readers as adults. What a concept.

If you decide to hang around and participate with civility, welcome. If not, goodbye and good luck.

No, it's a "Biden and the Dems need to do more during a national crisis" sub that is regularly brigaded by both Blue MAGA shitlibs and Red MAGA conservatives that enjoy fighting with each other and pointing fingers like a spider-man meme.

Nobody gets banned for refusing to adhere to groupthink here, so you're likely seeing perspectives that you don't get in other "safe space" highly curated subs that cater to people of a particular partisan stripe.

We didn't bend over for the neolibs. Bernie was the compromise for many of us. He attracted many independents.

We're more this Bernie than "I like Joe Biden, he's a good friend of mine despite him being diametrically opposed to my entire career" Bernie.

More of the same that got us in the problems we have now is not acceptable, and we will continue to buck the system and not be subdued. Even if that means calling out our heros.

We're not the cult of Bernie and do whatever he says. He knows this. He's playing his game. We're playing ours. We are not a US Senator, so we don't have any obligation to be loyal to Democrats. He took us this far and we're keeping the fire lit. 🔥

I will speak only for myself and not for WOTB.

For decades, Bernie has been almost heroic on issues like M4A, poverty, wealth inequality, climate change, covert CIA operations, and many other critical issues. I joined this sub because I support Bernie on the issues he has fought for all these years.

But after two presidential races, Bernie has apparently decided to "negotiate" with the Democrats. He had his little deal with Biden to work out their differences on key issues hoping to make at least some progress.

I see that as selling out. There is no such thing as a progressive Democrat. If you drink their Kool Aid, you have been duped. We live in the heart of the beast. Our country, in fact most of the world, has been controlled by US empire. We assassinate democratically-elected foreign leaders. Weother countries and whole civilizations. We poison the earth and the skies and the oceans. And, perhapsof all, we have been stripped of our rights to democratic participation both in the workplace and at the polls.

The wholething has been bought by the ruling class. Both parties are funded from the same sources. Lobbyists, super-PACS, corporations, the one-percent, the corporate mediaall of them are bringing us to the brink of extinction. Does anyone actually believe Bernie when he calls on us to support Biden and his neoliberal Democrats? I sure don't and doubt anyone here on WOTB does either.

Put more simply, we support most of Bernie's policies; we do not support his politics or his willingness to compromise with the Democrats. The Democratic Party is anthat has to be destroyed. Sadly, Bernie doesn't seem to understand that.

Regular here, lemme explain.

Long story short, this sub is meant to stand for 'policies' that Bernie stood for back in 2016. This includes higher tax for the rich, M4A, free college tuition, etc

The problem is, every single progressive politician, including Bernie Sanders and the squad, turned their backs on these core policies, and are not lifting a finger to make it a reality, EVEN WHEN there were rallies occurring in 45+ states across the country for M4A.

They all sold out, and repeat the same old establishment talking points, instead of actually creating a 'ruckus' or 'revolution' that they promised to bring about.

Henceforth, basically the whole of this sub turned towards direct action, mutual aid, 3rd parties, etc As it became crystal clear that none of the politicians from either party ARE/WILL do anything to do something that will cause real change. Civil Rights, women's suffrage, abolition, none of these were achieved by 'voting in a progressive' or 'getting the right guy in office'. Rather, it was achieved through sustained direct action and mass mobilization of masses.

Having said that, because this sub does not engage in censorship like in other subs, people for the most part are free to post/comment whatever they want. This results in this sub being filled with a myriad of opinions and takes. Some good, some cringe, some batcrazy. Yet, we believe that people are smart enough to think for themselves, and should be given the opportunity to defend their positions if necessary.

What this means, then, is that if you're going to espouse an opinion on this sub, you better beready to back it up with sources, or people won't be taking you seriously.

Exactly what has Bernie or any member of the progressive squad done to advance any of the issues we fought for. We were always split evenly between Deminvade and Demexit, and after seeing the back of the hand the Deminvade people got for their efforts from the DNC and Democratic leadership, why would anyone be surprised that the Demexit voices became the dominant remaining voice? That's less about us changing and more about the progressive movement dying.

We have always been skeptical of the large corporations that have co-opted government (and media) and with that the full regulatory capture" that comes with it, and our questioning the lack of

*real* science behind the vaccine push (no questions allowed, even if you're an accredited doctor or scientist) is still consistent with the ethos we maintained from the start.

This is a repost, but it deserves to be seen again.

I would direct our concerned visitors to the quote at the top of our page.

What's happening here, and all around you, is an awakening in the conservative camp to the culmination of fuckery required to hold our owners fragile narrative together - that we live in a representative democracy.

As I've mentioned before, for better or worse, the Sanders and Trump campaigns forced the puppet masters out of hiding in order to save their government from the people it pretends to represent.

The left has known this for quite some time, "progressive" shitlibs excepted, but those on the other side of the partisan divide have just now been slapped in their faces with this reality, and some want to talk about it.

It's a good thing. If Boogs and BLM can put partisan differences aside, and find common cause with one another around the issues of race and class that affect their lives, all the better.

I know it's threatening to the systems dependent comfortable with maintaining the status quo, but that's not working for an exponentially expanding under class who see's what they see.

You haven’t been following this sub the past 5 years if you think this is only a “Bernie sub”. This sub was rightfully prettyat Bernie after he carried water for Hillary Clinton who conspired with the DNC and media to thwart democracy for the democrat presidential primary. The original r/SandersForPresident gotdown and r/politics got the most intensecampaign I’d ever seen to silence any Bernie supporters who hated Hillary. This sub was one of the few that wouldn’t toe the Hillary Clintonline and was extremely vocal of how terrible of a candidate she was and the things she stood for. This is the way of the bern. A sub that won’t toe the party narrative line. A sub that actually wants M4A now! Not neoliberal corporate sponsored Obama carethat the DNC pushes.

If you understand some basic provable truths- that climate change is caused by humans and continues to be enforced by capitalism; that democracy is a myth so long as a billionaire oligarch has more political power than half the country's citizenry; that bodily autonomy isn't an extremist nor one-side-polarized position

That describes WotB IMO and me too ( at least I think that’s me ). :)

As someone who's been here for a very long time, and participated in both of Bernie's runs, I admit there's been some changes. But a lot of those changes have been from outside this sub, not within it. Narratives and labels have been created which target any whoresist them - and the picture painted of those targets looks like us.

This place was a beacon for anti-establishment talk all along. Very few complained "you're not following the Gospel of Bernie!" before- that seems to be a new accusation from folks making assumptions based on our name. No matter how many times we clarify how this sub began, and why wecults of personality, still they persist.

The overwhelming topic of the day year whatever is Covid. We like (generally) facts, freedom and fighting against authoritarianism in all forms here; the angle of that as it relates to Covid is whether it is right to force for-profit medical procedures on us (particularly in our current state of non-representation) just by shouting "science!"

Bodily autonomy is valid, and violating it violates free will. Belief in whether these shots are safe, necessary or effective are secondary to that point. Yes, some here feel they need to argue or prove that the "new vaccines" are too big a risk to take; while some of the info shared definitely gives cause for concern, I think it's a red herring.

This shouldn't be political, merely logical. Half the country or more has given upin our rigged selection process. Less than half of those left are fine with creating this new class-based system built upon themerger of corporation and government. Artificially more vocal than the majority, we now face minority rule.

The attackers we are getting here are like religious zealots- certain Their Side is right, so anything looking even remotely like The Other Side must be wrong. And any denials about being Those People are obviously just subterfuge attempts from That Other Team. We are political agnostics caught between two sides of a political holy war.

Each paid partisan cult has their easy classifications to dismiss us; Red Team calls us communists, liberals, or pretend we back Biden (despite there being no evidence of that). Blue Team calls us secret members of the Red Team, Trump supporters, anti-science, or just generic schoolyard name-calling that proves their own childishness.

Labels are easy to toss around, but don't constitute actual debates. They're low-gradeshorthand, trying to establish dominance through force of will instead of intellectual substance. Angry division is easy, plentiful and ultimately self-defeating. Meaningful talk will always require more than chest-thumping and shouting matches.

We didn't "move on" from recognition that we live under oligarchy, with no real representation and a farce of an electoral system that exists only as corporate public relations, not a viable solution. We see each new media-driven crisis through that lens, not a duopoly driven simplistic sports-fan adversary. So our takes won't match.

Having a broader, more realistically jaded worldview than a faithful partisan pawn isn't a bug, it's a feature. Our mods aren'tfor letting people speak their minds, or refraining from cultivating our sub into another establishment-approved groupthink cheer squad. This is the hard, messy work of continuing to speak truth to power.

If your position can't be defended calmly and with respect, getting downvoted or Turtled isn't unfair persecution, but a gentle warning that abuse isn't tolerated. Brigades of outrage don't justify itself as Righteousness, no matter how strongly you feel morally orsuperior to all 85k+ members here. This is our sub; wipe your feet. Trying to ring some alarm bell over posted topics you disagree with isn't constructive, so will be treated with the merit its due. Those of us who have spent years here have seen so many waves of concern trolling that honestly confused questioners can blend in at times. I hope this helps helps clarify things, and they all stay to contribute.

Nice post. A far more articulate version of the point I always make when someone (generally someone only a few months in) says "wow this place has changed". This sub was always populist, always class based, always anti-establishment. And I'd even argue, generally liberty minded.

Establishment dems are distancing themselves from these positions, which they held only decades ago, and for decades. We're standing still the tide is just rolling out. The Overton Window is shifting. But not from left to right or right to left, but toward authoritarianism and oligarchy. And the subtle song from the people at the top (especially on reddit, twitter, etc) is: authoritarianism is good and left, populism is bad and right.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You don't have to join the machine to stay on the left. But I'll admit, for those of use sticking our ground, it's getting prettylonely.

with this sub having been so anti-establishment before

Which hasn't changed. But the topics change with time, the pandemic has obviously been a major one for more than a year and a half, and anti-establishment positions when it comes to that topic are in direct opposition to the narrative that shitlibs have been swallowing hook, line and sinker. Especially when it comes to censorship and authoritarian measures.

As for Biden and Trump, who cares. They're bothwar criminals, they can both get. This isn't about them, nor is it about blue vs red. Yet another thing that shitlibs can't comprehend.

And Bernie? He's been doing the bidding of the establishment since before the pandemic began, so he can getas well. If he ever starts acting according to what he was saying back in 2015, we'll talk. It's about policies, not politicians. Bernie abandoned the policies, people here have not.

Re: bans, how about nope?

Truly free speech is rapidly disappearing from all forms of social media. It is being hunted to extinction, by people like you. WoTB is a game preserve for this endangered species.

I am pro vaccine, heck I just got my booster on Saturday and my 8 year old got his first shot today. I also am very active on r/wayofthebern and post there all the time.

I admit, there are times where I disagree with some things posted there, but that is why I stay. I disagree with the anti-vaccine people, but that sub has allowed me to see why not all anti-vax people are rightwing, so I need to reckon with that myself, and understand that the scope of the issue goes beyond left/right.

Consider this, you are posting on a subreddit that is about "bringing together anti-Neoliberal, anti-Capitalist, andredditors across ideology to share news and stories, tips for direct action, community organizing, and theory" complaining about people who you don't agree with on just one issue. Think about howthat is.

Do I wish everyone would get vaccinated? Yes. Am I willing to dismiss a large number of people who believe in things like medicare for all, ending the wars and free college just because we disagree about vaccines? Absolutely not.

Look, we need to accept that we won't agree with everyone on everything. But many of us will agree on the major issues, especially those of us on the left.

This sub is a long running tight knit community of anti-establishment free-thinking individuals that coalesced around the 2016 Bernie campaign. The mods have a no censorship policy, so this sub attracts people whose views would be censored in other subs.

Most of us don’t give aabout Bernie anymore after he called Joe Biden “the next FDR”, but the subreddit continues to thrive anyways and our community continues to follow the truth wherever it leads us.

As a relative newcomer to this sub, and as a person with a wide range of policy views that do not fall in line with any particular party or ideology, I find the content and posters of this sub refreshing.

Reddit really has no home for people like me. Posting anything that does not march in lockstep in a sub like r/politics results in non-stop attacks and downvotes. Eventually we simply give up and an echo chamber forms. Now a good 95% of political subs on reddit are an echo chamber.

While this sub has lots of content posted that I do not agree with, this is not an echo chamber. I have seen posts and commenting that is left, far left, right, libertarian and all points in between. And here is another thing, I have actually legit changed my mind on an issue due to a particular poster on this sub. I am a pretty hard charger on financial and economics related issues since it is my day job, but I was enlightened in a way that gave me pause for thought. This is how you learn andas a person and as a critical thinker. Being smart enough to know that you do not know everything.

IMHO it all starts with a conversation, and at least here that conversation is allowed to exist.

It was NEVER a Bernie sub. It's always been a Bernie's POLICIES sub. It's not about him, it's about US. Hence the WAY of the Bern.

Fan's of his 2016 policies. The man meh.

Medicare for All (that Joe Biden would veto). $15/hr that Joe Biden promised, but did not deliver (as expected). Criminal Justice Reform (that would erase Joe Biden's signature career achievement). Free College (Joe can't/won't even do the promised $10K). No war (Biden voted for the Iraq War).

On every issue that Bernie supported in 2016, Joe Biden is a lifetime opponent.

No reason to follow him the wrong WAY.

That's what you don't understand. We have not changed and

*you're still the same.* You're getting upset about "Trumplicans" lifestyle branding, yet you're implicitly endorsing his values, his ideas, and policies. We reject Trump and continue to reject Trump. We reject your convenient political alignment with Trump. We reject your mask of liberalism. So nothing has changed for us at all.

This sub has always been a place to freely discuss any political subject and challenge the approved narrative. That alone puts us in the cross-hairs of authoritarians who cannot tolerate nonconforming opinions and think burying them will make them go away. It's the risk we take and must take as a sub but also as individuals, because the alternative is to playand pretend the world isn't burning around us when we know very well it is.

This sub has no thought police, no cleansed content to enforce RightThink, no heresy because there's no single approved topic or opinion. It's one of the last bastions of free speech, provided you don't violate Reddit's rules or our one rule (see sidebar): DBAD.

What readers do with anything posted here is up to them: upvote, downvote, engage, ignore, accept, reject.

If you have a problem with that approach, which has been integral to this place from the start, WotB's not a good fit for you.

Welcome to REAL independent minded critical thinking self-research freedom.

This is where sane and informed left of centers- and quite a few others- stick to their principles and keep challenging authority and msm and influencers because they keep lying. And trying for even more dystopian authoritarian control over the masses.

It's ALSO where freedom of choice, of will, and all our Rights defended are esteemed still. No Matter The Topic.

Honestly, it's only the slow trickle of others who got totally disillusioned and are wondering WTAF is going on who wander into WotB that keeps me more engaged here vs just reading bits.

Knowing this place helps just by being alive and busy with many longterm regulars as a beacon of sanity and consistent values in the face of madness and propaganda it gives ME hope too

This sub has 87,693 members and 10 moderators. It isn't a monolith. There is no consensus opinion on any subject, including the mRNA vaccines. We do not curate content by telling members what they can and cannot post. The ethos of the sub can be summed up in two rules - don't violate Reddit TOS and don't be a.

We provide a forum for the open debate and discussion of many hot-button issues, including the Covid vaccines, and this consists of opinions that do not conform to the establishment narrative. Our longtime members think the sub is a little slice of internet heaven, since many of them were banned from other subs for expressing "wrongthink" long before Covid was even a thing.

Our critics call us anti-vaxx, secret Trump supporters,Bernie Bros, Putin's puppets and a lot of other pejoratives thatpeople use when they're incapable of crafting an argument to refute whatever it is they disagree with.

These same critics often demand that the moderators not allow these discussions, that we remove members' comments and posts because they're "disinformation." This justthem as authoritarians who want to censor anything that doesn't nurture their delusional belief that the world is a wonderful place for all living things. Otherwise, they would just go find a sub that's more to their liking since no one requires them to spend time in one they find so objectionable.

Hope that answers your question.

Corporatism, government over-reach with 'War on drugs'-esque consequences for those who don't comply with. No money for healthcare, obesity programmes,treatment, education. But there is enough money for every citizen to have 2 shots plus 4 extra boosters per year for the foreseeable, along with surplus given to LEDC's.

A complicit media, sponsored by the same big corporations that profit from the shot using their influence to hide and squash any well deserved conversation of side effects.

Social media giants using their power to hide and crush any discussion of the companies and technology they are heavily invested in.

A doctor parading around as a lime-light grabbing celebrity declaring that he is above questioning because "he is the science", being found out to incessantly lie to the public but being covered up continuously again by a complicit media making excuses and playing gymnastics with the truth.

A government that doesn't work for the people, a government that thinks they are the ruling elite and we are their subordinates who must do as they declare (even when it is victimless) and if not we will be punished and have our entire livelihood removed.

Thats what Bernie supporters stand against.

Lets talk about pushback. You are concerned at the lack of it. Perhaps you think that unchallenged claims mean that everyone here accepts them? That is most definitely not the case. What we have here is aof free thinking individuals that are unafraid to let other people hold different opinions, and even draw their own conclusions. And the very concept of pushback implies that you alone know where the center should be, and that "this sub" should move there. Furthermore, most people here are deeply suspicious of any person or group that tries strenuously todown all debate, and to censor, cancel, or otherwise persecute those who disagree.

Maybe you should start with what drew you here, and what you thought this sub was about when you found it. If you're at all familiar with the origins of this place, you understand it's membership is comprised of refugees from other political websites, and subreddits, who have been banned or censored for their failures to embrace established orthodoxy.

Sadly, and something many of us realize, is that Bernie has embraced the established orthodoxy as well. Bernie's supporters still support the policies he ran on, but they understand the party he's led his "fans" into has no intention of ever letting those policies hurt their investors profit extraction business.

Any sane individual who invested time, energy or money in the Sanders campaigns, witnessed the overt, and admitted, fuckery the Democratic party engaged in to stop him, and still voted for the nominee they chose instead, is just aDemocrat, a fan who liked Bernie best, but not enough to keep them from voting for the party that tells them to kick rocks instead

As far as I'm concerned, this is a very good candidate for an appropriate Battle Hymn of the wotb.

I was thinking about this last night, as a matter of fact: I think what sets r/WayOfTheBern apart is that people aren't coming here for an ideology, or a leader ("The Bern" himself having let us all down), or even a preset agenda; people here are just looking for

**answers *"Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise; seek what they sought

- Matsuo Bashō

I'm pretty sure that most of the turtle loving lackwits that make those kinds of posts do it as some combination of spite for the left, and as an attempt to scare people who aren't subbed when a thread might start taking off.

Every time, it's always the same trite things over and over again.

A post contradicts what MSM says and suddenly all the <30 (maybe