= (USA) ‘22 Audi Q3 Premium Plus S Line vs ‘22 VW Tiguan SEL R Line; help! =

I’m trying to buy a new vehicle after my ‘20 VW Tiguan SEL R Line was totaled. The 2 cars in the title are equally attractive to me so I need help in the decision making process, preferably from Redditors familiar with both vehicles current years and the trims in the title (known issues, reliability, cabin noise, etc)

Sincerely grateful for informed responses, responses with depth and blunt responses

I did have issues with my ‘20 but nothing egregious that would turn me away from VW Group autos

The trunk space on the ‘22 VW is a perk as I tend to haul gear once in a while and am the designated driver when people around me go out. But the engine and power of the Q3 speak to me

My thought on Audis has always been to not get one where you can get the exact same thing in a VW for less. The Tiguan and Q3 have the same power (unless you opt for the more expensive 45 TFSI) and are on the same chassis. The Tiguan has 73.4 cubic feet of storage compared to the Q3s 48

I've personally never understood buying an A3/Q3 when they're not substantially better than VW offerings

Having had my wife's Tiguan for two years we've never wished we got the Q3 instead

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