Good for them! They’re definitely one of the best delis in the area if not the best
Decently famous
My sister told me he came to Astoria and I couldn’t believe it. When I saw he chose George’s just for some bodega coffee, I lost my. I can’t talk enough about how good George’s is and now they’re famous, sheesh!
Link if you wanna watch
TAZ approves
Good coffeehausen

I got goosebumps
He’s also been to Sarajevo on 34th Ave link
He’s rapped: “tying hookers to the railroad / doctor zismor / on the n-train / Astoria-bound” on Blue Chips
George's has always been a consistently nice experience. Good for them

I gotta try this coffee!
YOOOOOOO I am nerding out so hard right now ahhhh
He’s not a rapper no more he’s whatever this is now
What are you talking about? He just released an album this year