Live Broadcast, August 20th, in the third round of the Premier League, Manchester United will welcome their rival Liverpool at home. Manchester United, who lost all the first two rounds, is looking forward to the first point of the new season. Before the game, Manchester United's official website looked forward to the 210th "Double Red Club" confrontation in history. The game will be played on Monday, London time (August 23rd, Beijing time…
## Erdegaard: I once persuaded Harland to join Arsenal, but unfortunately he went to Manchester CityPosted on
Live Broadcast, August 3 News Arsenal captain Erdegaard accepted an interview with the media and talked about Norwegian national team teammate Harland. Erdegaard revealed that he had persuaded Harland to join Arsenal, but failed. Erdegaard told reporters: "Haaland and I chat almost every day, we have a chat on social software..

## The fourth batch of candidates for the Ballon d'Or: Foden, Kane, Mane, Nunes, MaignanPosted on
Live Broadcast, August 13th, "French Football" announced the shortlist for the 2022 Golden Globe Awards, and the fourth batch of five players was released. Foden (Manchester City), Kane (Tottenham Hotspur), Mane (Bayern), Nunez (Liverpool), Maignan (AC Milan)Award date: Golden Globe this year awards..

## ESPN: Atletico Madrid tell Manchester United and other clubs that interest in Felix is ​​a waste of timePosted on
Live Broadcast, August 19th According to sources, ESPN has been informed that Atletico Madrid has informed Manchester United and other clubs interested in Felix that they are wasting time in doing so. There have been reports that United made a €130m bid for the striker, but sources say Atletico's stance remains that "the player..

## Fang Jun: The selection age for college players should be relaxed. After entering the CBA at the age of 23 and 24, there is limited room for improvementPosted on
The champion is easy to get, but the pillars are hard to find. At the 2022 CBA New Player Selection Conference, 12 players from 11 colleges and universities were selected. In the CBA league in recent years, college players such as Wang Shaojie, Zhu Mingzhen, Zhang Ning, Zhu Songwei, Yuan Tangwen, and Li Yiyang have also gained stable playing time. However, a..

## Grasshoppers drew 1-1 in the first round of the Swiss Super League. Li Lei was shoveled and left the field in the 78th minute of the first matchPosted on

[Swiss Super League 1st round Lucerne 1-1 Grasshopper] At the end of the game, Grasshopper drew with Lucerne in the away game with Dadashov's goal. Li Lei started the game. In the 78th minute, when he fell to the ground to block the opponent's shot, he was shoveled and couldn't hold on. He was carried off on a stretcher..

## The first-year freshman brought a 2-meter-high potted plant to start school, making the seniors messy. The college rented a ladder for the students, causing netizens to suffer from "pink eye disease"Posted on
2-meter-high potted plants, 40-pound dumbbells Freshmen’s luggage makes seniors messy; colleges and universities rent ladders for students, causing netizens to suffer from "pink eye disease"
It's school season again
University freshmen register one after another
In addition to computers, clothing, toiletries, skin care products
Medicines, snacks, hometown specialties..

What else is special in their luggage..

## Guangxi ship conducts multiple trainings in multiple sea areasPosted on
Recently, the Navy's Guangxi ship has carried out multiple trainings such as ship-machine coordination, formation movement, and navigation replenishment in multiple sea areas. It has explored and verified the performance base and system support capabilities of the two-attack equipment, laying a solid foundation for the training. Tel: 0201-960385 (military..

## "Will be bankrupt at the end of August"? This 100-billion-dollar real estate company urgently responded: Fake, the case has been reportedPosted on
(Original title: "Will go bankrupt at the end of August"? This 100-billion-dollar real estate company urgently responded: False, has reported) Recently, there have been rumors in the market that "Longfor will go bankrupt at the end of August." On the evening of the 16th, Longfor Group responded for clarification. Longfor responds to bankruptcy rumors: False, has been reported On August 16, Longfor Group's official Weibo released..

## Post: Manchester City sent physiotherapists to the Norwegian national team to pay attention to Haaland's physical conditionPosted on
Live Broadcast, September 20 News According to the "Daily Mail" news, Manchester City sent a physiotherapist to the Norwegian national team to help Harland stay healthy during the national team game. It is reported that the physical therapist is named Pafendi, and he came to the team in Guardiola’s first season when he joined Manchester City. This season, he and Harland…