Wonder how Bitrix24 got best free cloud-based project management software awards in 2017, 2018 and 2019? (We’ve got our eyes on 2020, too.) First, we don’t believe in a single methodology. With over 10 million companies relying on Bitrix24, we aren’t trying to convince you that Agile (or Waterfall, or Scrum, or Critical Path Method) is the only way to go. Instead, we give you all popular project management methodologies and tools in cloud to choose from:
Bitrix24 is available absolutely free in cloud, but there’s an open source edition available as well if you want to host Bitrix24 on-premise
. There’s no difference in cloud project management tools vs on-premise tools, but open source code access gives you an ability to fully customize Bitrix24 as you need

Bitrix24 is also best option for those teams that want project management and CRM in a single cloud account. Yes, Bitrix24 lets you manage ALL your clients and ALL your projects in one place. And Bitrix24 comes with many tools for cloud project collaboration, like group chat, videoconferencing or document management

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