Just how many project managers will be needed by 2027? A little over the entire population of Turkey, if we go by PMI data, which pegs 88 million being in project management-oriented roles by then. But even as we see a surge in project manager roles, only 35% of project managers today admitted they’re “somewhat or very satisfied” with their systems

Cloud computing can do a lot to fill this gap, considering that 77% of businesses look at cost savings and efficiency as primary drivers of cloud adoption. That said, project leaders looking for cloud-hosted tools will do well to start their research on the best cloud project management software solutions. Below, we’ve listed 15 software solutions that fit the needs of small business and enterprise alike

 What are the best cloud project management software for 2022?
Projects fail when goals and activities are misaligned. In fact, 44% of project fails are caused by a lack of alignment between project and business objectives. Another common pain point of project managers is budget overruns due to a lack of visibility over activities

The irony is, any modern project management software can easily resolve these issues. But truth be told, only 22% of organizations use PM software. And when teams use cloud project management software, they also tend to stick to formal project management practices. They also get to reap better efficiency, greater accountability and visibility of tasks and other critical benefits

In our list of the best cloud project management software below, you have a wide range of options whatever your business size is or the nature of your requirements

 Most Used Project Management Software Features
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## Top Cloud Project Management Software
 1. monday.com
monday.com is one of the most adaptive project management software around, supporting a range of use cases, from creatives to marketing, to software development, HR and operations. It suits small business and enterprise needs

The software bills itself as a work OS, where project leaders can customize the software to fit their workflows and boost visibility, efficiency and productivity

You can easily view task statuses, planning progress and campaign KPIs from a visual dashboard, helping you to digest data quickly for reports or spur-of-the-moment decisions

As a centralized workplace, monday.com pulls together all relevant tasks, tools, workflows and documents in one location for easier retrieval or sharing. Projects that require close collaboration and real-time visibility will find the software helping them avoid team silos or duplicate tasks

Key features include document management, automations, dashboards & reporting and visual tools like Kanban and Gantt. You can also integrate the software with your existing business systems such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar and other popular software

monday.com is accessible from iOS and Android devices, too, to help you manage projects on the go

A free plan is available with unlimited boards and workflows and two seats. Meanwhile, pricing for their paid plans start at $8 per seat/month

 2. Wrike
Wrike is typical of a flexible task management software that features custom dashboards and workflows. It can adapt to the project management needs of marketing, creative, product development, professional services and any teams requiring a dynamic collaboration space to push tasks

Project leaders can customize processes, dashboards and request forms, among others. They can share tasks, reports and files with teams. A visual proofing and automated approval process makes it ideal for creative tasks or just about any projects following a similar workflow

Team-specific automation and alerts, meanwhile, let you build a path that moves tasks to the right people and keeps everyone in the loop for the next steps. These features cut the time to manually monitor a workflow from start to end

Furthermore, the AI-powered Work Intelligence feature adds a layer of smart automation and risk forecasting to your workflows

Other key features include visual tools like Gantt and Kanban, purpose-specific templates (e.g., event management, onboarding, and product delivery), digital asset management, team calendars, time tracking and project portfolio management

Wrike integrates with a full range of widely used business software such as CRM, mailers, messaging, file storage, CMS and analytics. Key apps like MS Project, MS Outlook, Salesforce, Tableau and Google Apps work smoothly with the software. An open API also helps you configure Wrike to match unique processes

The vendor offers a free plan for task management. Plans starts at $9.80 per user/month

 3. ConnectWise Manage
ConnectWise Manage is a professional service automation software for managed service providers. It helps deliver operational insights, improve organization-wide communication, streamline billing and procurement, and boost customer support

The software helps teams collaborate closely. Utilizing a single data layer, they gain a single view of your operations, which lends to the company greater transparency, accountability, and context

Specifically, its project management feature allows for workflow customization, management-level visibility of to-dos and task owners and work plan dispatch to keep teams on one page. Project templates also help you save time when starting a project pipeline from scratch, while invoicing is made simple with the software’s auto-billing tool based on project milestones

Sales & marketing teams will find ConnectWise Manage intuitive for email campaigns, campaign metrics tracking and sales process automation, among others. The software has more use case-specific solutions, too, for cloud billing, cybersecurity management, EDR and procurement

Other important features include time tracking, reporting and analytics

Connectwise Manage integrates with a range of business systems that include network infrastructure, security and device management

You need to contact the vendor for pricing. Plans are divided into basic, standard and premium

 4. Smartsheet
Smartsheet is designed for work collaboration that can scale from simple to complex projects. Hence, it is suitable to small and large enterprise workflows

As with most cloud project management software, Smartsheet has an intuitive, no-code workspace backed by industry-grade security, so your team can focus on managing tasks, not on the system’s technicalities

It has key modules for team collaboration, content management, workflow automation, process management and governance and administration

An enterprise plan, the Smartsheet Advance extends the standard project management platform to more powerful functions at scale, such as for secure request management, enterprise governance and administration, cross-system automations, and skills resource management

Smartsheet integrates with hundreds of business systems and apps, furthering your enterprise ecosystem. These include popular apps from Adobe, AWS, box, Jira, Microsoft and Salesforce

Plans are divided into pro, business and enterprise, starting from $7 per user/month billed annually

 5. Zoho Projects
Zoho Projects can meet the task management and team collaboration requirements of small businesses and enterprises. Ideally suited to fast-growing companies, it can scale from freemium lightweight to enterprise-level features

It helps you break down projects into milestones, task lists, tasks and subtasks for organized task management. You can also use the software for issue management, enabling you to funnel issues from reporting to task assignment and to bug resolution

You also have options on task views, such as Kanban, Gantt and lists, or use the classic view. Whatever the view, you can connect task dependencies to help you prioritize tasks

Zoho Projects can also be extended to handle sprints by integrating it with Zoho Sprints. The setup lets you manage hybrid projects, allowing you to sync tasks and view sprint boards within the bigger project. And if you’re managing multiple projects at once, a portfolio dashboard helps you track each project’s progress, reports, budget and other KPIs

Other Zoho Projects key features include customizations, team collaboration tools like feeds, chat and mentions, automation and time management

Aside from its native integration with the Zoho ecosystem, Zoho Projects works smoothly with third-party apps like Google Apps, Microsoft apps, JIRA, Basecamp and other productivity, storage and business apps

The vendor offers a free plan for three users and one project. Paid plans start at $4 user/month billed annually

 6. ProntoForms
ProntoForms is a mobile forms software that helps you collect data from the field. It is ideal for field service or remote teams. These include installation, repairs, site safety assessment and maintenance. The app is also suited for employee training. It can act as a standalone solution or as an integrated front-end to your FSM, CRM, ERP or other business systems

Teams use ProntoForms for compliance, context or specs guidance, among others. For instance, you can embed safety procedures, deploy a step-by-step compliance checklist or customize dashboards identifying risks at work

As an integrated solution, ProntoFoms provides a bi-directional data connection between the office and field, and consolidates relevant data to give you the full context of a job order

You can also customize the form fields to suit particular job dynamics or use templates to deploy mobile forms fast. Furthermore, you can fill out forms offline. The app syncs data once you reconnect to the internet

ProntoForms also features reporting & analytics, a workflow builder and an integrations manager. It integrates with key business solutions such as Salesforce, SERVICEMAX, INTELEX, Google Apps, Dropbox, box, Zendesk and more

Pricing starts at $15 per user/month, which includes advanced data collection, basic business logic and offline features

 7. elapseit
elapseit is an end-to-end solution for resource planning and project management. It covers the whole stretch, from project planning to talent sourcing to task assigning, and to deploying the project and invoicing

It feature modules for collaboration, task management, planning & forecast, budgeting, and dashboards & reporting. You can create task lists, plot task dependencies, monitor task status, and keep tabs on milestones

Typical of SaaS project management software interface, elapseit allows you to link tasks with task owners, relevant projects, provide a description, add the start and end date, task type and priority level and attach files. The whole design helps you get a bird’s eye view of projects, their details and activities

Likewise, the software helps you process payroll faster with integrated time tracking and timesheets

Other key features include timesheet-to-invoicing, document management andcapture

elapseit integrates with Xero and has an open API for deeper customization

Pricing starts at $12.60 per user/month billed annually

 8. ManagerPlus
ManagerPlus is designed for streamlining and consolidating processes in manufacturing asset management and preventive maintenance. It is also ideal for facility management and vendor management

As a project management tool, you get to check work statuses, including pending, in-progress, completed, and incomplete tasks. You can also track or audit inventory remotely

Recommended for enterprises, the software helps you monitor inventory, too, and manage facilities for operational efficiency

The software helps you get the big picture on joband keep tabs on the maintenance schedules to avoid operational downtime. It also helps you monitor labor, parts and other maintenance expenses

You can integrate the software with other business systems via an API

Plans are from $85 per user/month, inclusive of the core features

 9. Celoxis
Celoxis helps you manage projects, resources and issues. It adapts to agile and features enterprise-class tools for complex projects

Its clean UI and dashboards make tasks easy to follow and project milestones manageable. You can organize request tracking by priority or other KPIs. You can also allocate resources by demand, skills or availability

As a project management tool, it lets you create dynamic project pipelines and, if need be, adjust them easily based on change factors. For team or client collaboration, you can share files, discuss key points and follow conversations inside the software

Project accounting is likewise built into the software, helping you to manage budgeting for multiple projects in one location

Other notable features include advanced scheduling, Gantt and Kanban, time tracking, client portal and customizations

Celoxis has off-the-shelf integration with key business apps such as Google Apps, Microsoft Project, Excel, Salesforce and hundreds of other productivity tools

Plans start from $22.50 per user/month inclusive of support and 2 GB storage/user. An on-premise version is also available

 10. Daylite for Mac
Daylite for Mac is a Mac-based CRM designed to handle creative, sales and marketing workflows, and projects across industries. It also adapts to the processes of real estate, financial services, software development and a range of other industries dealing with client accounts

As a project management software, it has core features for team collaboration and communication, project monitoring, permission rules and workflow automation

The software acts as a single place to personalize messages, follow conversations, manage communication and attach files and notes for project or task context. You can also use it to onboard employees, clients or other stakeholders

Daylite for Mac features dashboards and reporting for marketing KPIs like close rates, win-loss stats and lead rates

The software integrates with key Apple apps such as Apple Calendar, Siri, TouchID and FaceTime

Plans start at $39.99 per seat/month

 11. Fiix
Able to scale for small business and enterprise alike, Fiix uses AI for smart asset management and preventive maintenance. It helps you consolidate processes, activities, schedules, tools and resource persons in one place for seamless asset performance monitoring

Operational managers, facility supervisors and, generally, managers will find Fiix able to help them manage multiple workat once. It features core modules for job order management, inventory management, preventive maintenance and asset monitoring

You can configure workflows and a work request portal to fit into your process requirements. Internal and external users can sort, search and track jobfrom their desktop or mobile device. Likewise, you can batch upload CSV files for multiple workand customize them using mobile QR codes

Fiix integrates with key business applications such as accounting, project management, ERP and inventory software

Pricing starts at $45 per user/month but a free plan is available for 25 PMS

 12. Easy Projects
Easy Projects consolidates your projects, resources and budget in a single location, enabling you to manage tasks and costs more easily. It is designed to replace disparate tools like emails, local files and spreadsheets

With all related data in one place, the software can generate real-time reports for insights on your project KPIs, particularly, on the project’s financial health

The software has flexible visual tools like Gantt, Kanban, tables and calendar views. For complex projects, it allows you to organize tasks and subtasks in an unlimited hierarchy, helping you connect related items conveniently

Other key features include, a client portal, customizable forms workflows, templates and permission rules

Easy Projects integrates with Jira, MS Outlook, Salesforce, HubSpot, MS Teams and Create Cloud, among others

Plans start at about just under $7 per user/month

 13. Bridge24
Bridge24 adds a layer of reporting and exporting capabilities to your Asana, Basecamp or Trello projects. Syncing the software with any of these three task management apps, you are able to generate more advanced charts and reports for project insights

Small business and teams in large companies will find Bridge24 a practical add-on to their tech stacks. They can create interactive charts in different perspectives and use smart filters to get a range of project context (ex. budget, efficiency, resource pool)

You can also switch from calendar to Gantt or to Kanban for the big picture. Likewise, Bridge24 allows you to customize fields, export CSV/Excel files and view task history

Pricing starts from $25 per month for five users

 14. Infolio
Infolio offers a free app for unlimited projects and users, allowing small businesses and startups to use a modern task management app within their budget. But the software can scale to more advanced CRM and project management tools for a growing business

Although a lightweight CRM, it features robust project management tools for standard projects. You get file attachments, task dependencies, tags and multiple assignees. You can also customize lists to fit into your work stages

For project overview, you can shift from calendar to timeline or team view and easily monitor task statuses. The app also features collaboration tools such as a built-in chat and a shared workspace. Project templates are available to get your started fast

 15. Optimy
Optimy is designed to help nonprofit and CSR project leaders organize, monitor and measure the social impact of their initiatives. A vertical software, it fits the needs of the healthcare, education and social work sectors

It helps you manage social activities from project initiation to close. The software consolidates project activities, budgets and tasks in one place for easier monitoring. Likewise, leveraging consolidated data, you can generate reports for KPI insights

Other key features include an online portal, data import and custom forms. Organizations looking for social projects or partners can also use Optimy to get a match based on mission, goals or values

Pricing is pegged at $10,600 (3-year lock-in). You can get in touch with the vendor for a custom quote

 Opt for Free Trial to Shortlist Options
The best way to find out which cloud project management software suits your needs is to try them out. You can start with the top products above, beginning with monday.com. The software excels in agility and adaptability to different use cases, something to consider when comparing features

Take note of the features you need most and prioritize them over non-essentials. Other factors for comparison include pricing, scalability, device access (for mobility) and vendor reputation

Should you want to further your product research specific to managing multiple projects at once, you can check out our guide on project portfolio management software.