= What is a good personal Task and Time Management tool to use to keep track of everything you need to do in a Business? =

Let's say you are running a startup and you have A LOT of different things to do between your business and personal life, like for example:
Develop this feature
Email this person
Review this work
Do laundry
Fix the lamp
Send payments to employees
Attend a meeting
I'm looking for a good personal task management tool just for myself, where I can set priorities, deadlines, etc. I've never used a tool like this but I'm sure there are some useful features that I dont even know exist

Also, extra points if the tool has "time blocking" integrated where you block your time in advance and set when you are planning on working on each task

Looking forward to seeing your suggestion

If you're using Mac, then the built-in reminders app is pretty good. I like it because I can shout something to Siri (Homepod) from across the room, and it will add it to my to-do list. If you try it, look up smart lists

Todoist is also good, and it isn't locked into any platform

Toggl might be worth checking out if you're tracking time. I think it integrates with Todoist

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