= Project and task management for team =

Currently, we're using Asana for task management, and Notion mostly as a visual collaboration tool to share designs (via gallery pages) with our clients

In the past months, I've gradually migrated the project and task management functions from Asana to Notion (because, why not). It's still in sort of beta, and I'm the only one using/testing it (while we formally still use Asana)

Everything in Notion works and looks as I'd like it to be. There's a master project database and a task database, related to each other. I have a dashboard that shows my projects and my tasks, all with different views and filters

I think it's ready to be deployed across the team - but I don't know how to do that? Most importantly, do I ensure the team members will see a dashboard with only their projects and tasks? Do the filters automatically adjust based on the logged in member?
Glad for any links - cheers!

Why dont you check the notion team documentation Here is what i found It's a video link I hope this helps Team notes & ddocs
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