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I’m Alex, the founder of Krock.io

Years ago, I founded an animation studio that creates various types of content for many clients worldwide. And I definitely know that every creative project must accomplish the specific goal set by the client. ☝️ It's not just about commercial video making. We have to find a creative approach to tell a story, convey something meaningful to the viewer, or talk about technically complex processes in simple language

However, finding a balance between the creative team and the clients, who come from different fields and with various aims, is quite challenging. Each business already has its own system of communication processes, task management, and provision of feedback that usually negatively affects the creative process due to differences in approaches

Beyond the inconvenience, it also results in ongoing misconceptions and requires repeated clarification. This is followed by a loss of time and an increase in project budgets, and, as a result, burnout of the teams and the project's creative potential. Everyone faces similar problems in the media sales industry, from aspiring freelancers working with their first client to the world's largest media production studios that have been on the market for 10+ years. So we decided to find the clue and solve this issue. That's how KROCK.IO appeared

**It is being built for and by creatives
⚡️ Thanks to our
**pipeline project** representation, all participants are able to monitor the whole project cycle, understanding what is happening now and what will happen next, the current status of the task and who is working on the solution

⚡️ With the
**Gantt Chart project managers can easily monitor the workload of each team member. In KROCK.IO, project managers can **create templates** from their **typical project** pipeline and start new projects from templates in only a **few clicks**

⚡️We can proudly state that we managed to create the most intuitive and convenient
**feedback system**

⚡️Thanks to
**drawing and visual commenting tools customers can make the most accurate comments on **imagespng, jpg, psd, ai), **videos** (avi, mp4, mov, etc), **PDF files and, soon, **audio files ⚡️Clients and the team communicate in the **same workspace** while remaining **anonymous** to each other

So, the formula of a creative approach is preserved:
 Healthy team + 😊 satisfied customer = 🚀 effective project **Is that all 🤔 In fact, no, since in Krock.io there are many different benefits for creative teams, such as an interactive system for creating **online storyboards We know how difficult it is to change this using traditional tools. Forget about it. This is done in 2 clicks from the Board Step in Krock.io. **What’s next 🔜 Over the next 2 months, we plan to implement a system of visual commenting on audio files, so the process of approving music tracks, or voiceovers, will be noticeably easier and faster. And all this in one system for media collaboration— KROCK.IO. Additionally, we'll focus on enhancing the already existing Gantt chart and adding the function of **creating animatics What else would you like to see in Krock? I look forward to your feedback

Today we have a launch on Product Hunt, so we’d be very happy to receive your support for httpswww.producthunt.com/posts/krock-iou think!
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