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Posted by2 years ago
# Just got a Peugeot 208 1.6L turbo 156, only 40,000 miles. When the engine is cold it makes thistinny rattle as it revs but once it’s warmed up the sound goes away and can just hear the normal deep engine hum. What do you guys think it sounds like it could be?

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99% sure it's the timing chain. Go to a Peugeot dealer and ask if this is still within warranty. I also have a 208 THP155 and was lucky enough they would change it on warranty because it's such a common issue. Mine also sounded like that when cold and then when it got warm the sound disappeared. It's from 2013 and had around 75000km on it (roughly 45000 Miles). So if it's younger and has less km on it you might be lucky.

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