= The Automotive Scene in Indonesia Part 1: The Cars =

Welcome to my first thread discussing cars in Indonesia. As a member of the r/cars community, I'm here to give an insight of the world of cars and communities in Indonesia. The first part I'm going to discuss is the selection of some of the cool cars available for sale in Indonesia, as well as their market price. (I will include both new and used cars in this list, as well as using US Dollars or scale)
Audi TT: From $16,000 for first-gen 1.8T to $60,000 for a used third-gen 2.0
Audi R8: Around $120,000 for first-gen V8
BMW M2 Comp 6spd (new): $130,000
BMW M6 F12: $130,000
Fiat 500 Abarth: $16,000 for 2010 esseesse to $40,000 for 2014 695 Tributo Ferrari
Ford Mustang: $75,000 for a 2015 EcoBoost Premium to $140,000 for a brand new 2020 GT
Honda Civic Type R: $50,000 for a JDM-spec FD2R to $72,000 for a brand new FK8R
Mazda MX-5: $26,000 for an NC to $55,000 for a brand new ND RF
Mazda RX-8: $15,000 for a 2005 to $25,000 for an Spirit R
Mercedes-Benz A35 (new): $80,000
Mini Hatch: $20,000 for an R50 to $70,000 brand new
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: $50,000
Nissan 350Z: $40,000
Nissan 370Z: $50,000
Nissan GT-R: Starts from $150,000 for a 2008
Peugeot RCZ: Starts from $24,000
Renault Megane R.S. 275: $28,000
Subaru BRZ: $35,000
Subaru STI: $25,000 for a 2012 5AT hatch to $40,000 for a 2012 6psd sedan
Suzuki Swift Sport: $14,000 for a 2014
Toyota 86: $30,000 for a 2012 to $50,000 for a 2020
Toyota Celica last gen: $19,000
Volkswagen GTI: $6,000 for a Mk4 1.8T to $42,000 for a 2014 Mk7
Volvo C30: Starts from $15,000
Feel free to ask anything about cars and whatnot in Indonesia

Singapore prices are even worse. A new Mustang GT is S$270,000 or US$200,000. That is 911 Turbo S money in the US. Gas prices are US$6.50 per gallon for premium, and there is a US$4,000 road tax on the Mustang GT every year

In short, the Singapore government really doesn't want you to own cars, which is fair enough -- Singapore is small and traffic is already quite bad. There is also a very good public transport system available, which is often faster than driving anyway

One thing I found with Indonesian mod culture is that they seem to fixate on Top Speed. I have a friend that used to mod his Jazz. It ended up churning over 300 BHP, yet he does nothing towards the suspension, steering, etc

Do a bit of cosmetic works, slap a massive turbo, and hope for the best

It's too broad for me to specify. However, I'll be glad to explain here

For comparison, a Mazda 3 hatch (with a 2.0) here costs around $34,000. Though this may seem expensive, but if you compare it to other SE Asian countries, Indonesia is the cheapest country to buy new cars

It comes at a few costs, though. For one, you can't legally import used cars to Indonesia. It's why, for example, you have a broader selection of used cars in Malaysia

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