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I was doing research for Halloween, and I thought I'd share what I'd found with this community. If you are interested in dressing as a character from the books for Halloween (or to Cosplay), and you want to base your clothing off the styles in the show, there are several commercial patterns you can buy that are pretty similar. These are probably best for people with some sewing experience, or if you have someone who will make them for you. The first pattern I sewed was a renaissance dress, complete with corset boning and grommets, but I don't recommend that as a first project. IMO, Simplicity has the best costume patterns. McCalls are a little simpler, but that means they don't look as nice; I generally find the fit to be boxier and not as flattering

Simplicity 1347. This is actually a pretty cool pattern. With it, you can make Dany's Dothraki costume, her Qarth party dress (from the show, so no bared left breasts), and her wedding dress

McCalls M6941. This one can be done in either the psudo-Dothraki style she wore in and around Qarth (looking for dragons, or in this blue anddress. (Did she wear this in Meereen this season? All I can find is the EW photoshoot.)
Authentic fabrics for these dresses would be silk, linen, and leather. Polyester and rayon will substitute for silk, but they're a pain to sew. Look for sheer curtain fabrics in the decorator section for something with a pattern to it. There are fake leather fabrics made out of vinyl, as well as fake suede which is very easy to sew. Sometimes vinyl tablecloths will do in a pinch. You can sometimes find really rough-spun cotton that will also work for the Dothraki costume. Also, jewelry is really going to make this costume. Gold, circle broaches, things with dragons on them, metallic belts, and that dragon tooth necklace thingy she wears a lot in season 2 and 3

**King's Landing**
Simplicity 1487. Two of these styles are obviously supposed to be Cersei, and the other is a Sansa-style

McCalls M6940. One exception where I think the McCalls pattern outperforms the Simplicity one. These two dresses are magnificent. The gold brocade one also totally looks like something Margaery could pull off, but without sleeves. Come to think of it, you could probably modify a Daenerys dress above for some of Margaery's numbers, as well

Rich brocades can be found in the home decorator fabric, and sometimes there are costume satins around Halloween for cheap. Again, think curtains. Colors are important; reds and golds for Cersei, more muted blues and greens for Sansa. Cersei's always got lions on her jewelry, and Sansa seems to like dragonflies and birds

**Northern Women**
Simplicity 1773. Ok, this one isn't strictly from the show, but I can't help seeing Arya in a modified version of the design on the left. It's girl-ish but playful. In the north, the under-dress (called a chemise) has the drawstring pulled all the way up to the neck, so if you are fancy, you could modify it like that. Otherwise, Arya wears a pint-sized version of the men's clothing below

McCalls M6376. You might be able to pull off Catelyn Stark with this dress, done in monochromatic blue or green. Technically, Cat's dress with the belled sleeves is a coat, with a dress, and then one of the high-necked chemises under that. But, in a pinch

Linen, rough-spun cotton, home decorator brocade, all in muted colors

McCalls M6376 again, or this oldie, Simplicity 4940. The key to Melisandre is soft and form fitting, in monochromatic red. Maybe a stretch velvet, or even a thick knit fabric. Add a necklace with a ridiculously large ruby. If you can modify the neckline lower, even better

**Goth Sansa**
Simplicity 4055. The one of the right, in black. And put a bird on it. I mean, hand-sew hundreds of black feathers on the bodice. The neckline is really high, though, so you might be better off with a contemporary pattern with an empire waste and not a very full skirt

Seriously, look no further than these tutorials

**Your Basic Cloak**
In my mind, nothing beats a full-circle cloak, but if you want to go the traditional fantasy route, look no further than Simplicity 5794.or velvet, maybe you could get away with polar fleece. Don't skimp on cloak fabric, thick is best

**Essos Men**
Simplicity 3519. Basic fantasy tunic. Add a blue scarf at the neck and a pining look of unrequited love. Bam, Jorah costume. Really, though, this tunic will work casually for anyone. It's like the Westerosi equivalent of an undershirt. Linen if you can afford it, rough muslin or other 100$ cotton with a nap if you can't

**Northern Men**
Simplicity 1552. Not great, really, but you've got some fur, and with the right accessories. Actually, for an awesomely detailed tutorial on northern-style cloaks, look here

**Nearly All Men**
Simplicity 4059. Can use some variation of this costume. The one on the right, in fake leather without sleeves and with laces up the front looks like your typical leather jerkin. Do it up in fancy brocade for King's Landing noblemen. Lannister Red and Gold for Joffrey, something more subdued and with a longer hemline for Littlefinger

McCalls M5214. Another option for King's Landing men. Again, I don't generally like McCalls as much as simplicity, but to be honest, all of the men's costumes need some work. They might look halfway decent in some heavier fabric. Just please don't use the one on the left

Edited to add a few more pictures

I just wanted to emphasize what a couple of people have mentioned: start early. Costumes can be harder to make than ordinary clothing, because you're working with tricky fabrics such as pleather, stretch knits, velvets, lingerie nylon, and acetate. Just because you may be experienced at whipping up a little dress for a party doesn't necessarily mean you can whip up a Cersei costume, too

But it's not always the costume, sometimes it's the findings and the jewelry that can stall you out. It takes time to go around to thrift stores and rummage sales looking for jewelry

I would definitely be starting now, yes

Bravo, this is aof a list. There's no shortage of resources around, so it's great to have a heap in one place

I used McCall's M6940 for a recent Cersei. It was also my choice in learning to sew from a pattern. (I'm planning on making it again, this time with having learned to sew, and with material that isn't lined furnishing fabric. Don't try to learn with lined furnishing fabric, it'll do your head in.) If you've got no idea what you're doing, have a go at some simpler stuff first or at least give yourself pleeeeenty of time, so that you're not trying to figure out what theis going on when you're rushing. Also, mockups - use cheap fabric so that you can figure out the fit, in case patterns run large

As far as wigs go (if you're interested), lace fronts tend to look more realistic, but they're aof a lot more expensive. Arda Wigs and WigIsFashion (wigfashion on ebay) are both worth looking at. However, you won't be able to do some of the updos unless you get more expensive wigs or sew in wefts, as they'll show the wefts (they're sewn in with the hair going down)

If you want some of the crazier hairstyles, Sil Vous Plaits is also worth looking at. One of note is Sansa's wedding hair

I was going to point that out, too. Seems like Simplicitly is constantly receiving Reddit's Hug of Death ( httpwww.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Reddit+Hug )
I used this pattern last year for a Jedi robe, and in grey with a chain and belt, it would be a great Maester robe

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