= The last few years have been hard on my flock =

For a time, this was my driveway. Four cars, spanning 46 years, with a representative from each decade from the 60's to the 90's

Alas; slowly, insidiously, common sense got the better of me, and the flock dwindled

First to go was my first car, a 78 Holden Torana. It was the best of an unloved model, with a 202ci straight six and 4 on the floor. My younger brother is custodian of it now

Next to leave was my 84 Statesman Caprice. Emission controls meant it weezed 170hp out of it's 308ci V8, but it was as luxurious as it got from Holden in that era. Somehow, despite being carb-fed, it had a computer which told you your fuel usage

Next up was a small victory for the car enthusiast inside me, I picked up an 88 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9. This was slightly modified with a Citroen BX19 motor and Mi16 cam and transmission. It wasto drive, but electrical gremlins kept it off the road more often than I cared for, and I sold it within a year

Selling my 63 Holden Special tore myapart. There was nothing unique about the car, it had a little 149ci 6 and a 4 speed out of a toyota, but this was my happy place

At this stage, all I had left was a 96 Jeep Cherokee. I can't really say anything that people don't already know about these. It was a fun, thirsty old thing. I broke the chassis where the steering rack mounts, which was the beginning of the end for it

At this time, I managed to convince myself that having a nice reliable new car was better than paying rego on 4 with their own issues to contend with. The 205 had given me a yearning for more hot hatch thrills, and after test driving everything in that class at the moment, I ended up purchasing a Fiesta ST

Thankfully, this car leaves me no space for my push bike or kayak; is no place for takingto the tip. I'm hoping to scratch that old-car itch with a 60s ute

My ST is great, and on the whole a much better car; but the 205 was far more engaging to drive hard. It was slower but more responsive, and had this way of goading me into driving fast

That said, nothing electrical worked reliably, and the interior was obviously not built with 25 years of Australian sun in mind. I'd love to have one of the wonderfully restored ones that pop up in Europe

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