Director, Public Cloud Sales at IBM
LinuxOne Bare Metal Servers! New Infrastructure as a Service offering to support client requirements for consolidation, scalability and application modernization, all while going GREEN!! #ibmcloud #linuxone #cloudinfrastructure #sustainabilty Eyal Levin, Jori Thomas, Wayne Senitta, Damon D., Mark Carioto, Bill Casey, Bob Clark, Alex McMullen, Kevin Breitenother, Roopam Master, Bryan
Vice President, IBM Z Hybrid Cloud
Exciting launch day: IBM LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers are now available! Consume dedicated LinuxONE cores with Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering to help customers meet their needs of flexible IT with an emphasis on sustainability. Read more about it here: #linuxone #ibmcloud #ibmz Ross Mauri, Hillery Hunter, Ivo Koerner, Skyla Loomis, Barry Baker, Rohit Badlaney, Tarun Chopra, Rajesh Rengarajan, Zane Adam, Bryan Foley, Megan Conklin, Manish Aggarwal, Joanie Gines, Jose Castano, Alan Peacock, Kara Todd
 Announcing IBM LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers 
Curious to hear / read more about this option

This is an announcement that many customers have been waiting for. Now we need to get the word out.