Fully dedicated single tenant servers with 20 TB bandwidth included free of charge. To get started, create an account and receive a USD 200 credit. IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers provide maximum performance and single tenancy security. You have direct root access to all your server resources without the need for a hypervisor. With over 11 million configurations available, you can customize it all. With customized images, you can easily move workloads between generations of servers. We also reduced our average bare metal server price by 17% and included 20 TB free bandwidth. You can choose from hourly, monthly, or reserved billing. These are all options that allow for smart cost management. You can choose from up to 96 cores and extensive storage. More than 60 global data centres keep your data close to your users. Add SAP, NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, VMware Software and more. Enjoy data encryption at the highest level with data visible only you

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