= Why do Peugeot vans have so many problems? =

The temperature of my van is rising and the coolant level is good. Any explanations? Plus, everyone told me Peugeot vans are extremely sensitive and they aren't practical and I should sell my van as soon as possible

Well.. not my opinion, had a 2006 1.9d partner, 200k only one broken clutch cable, a 2012 1.6hdi partner 170k on my hand only a adblue refill, now have a 2019 partner, 10k to young to point problems. All of these at a service of a telecom company urban driving (not sweet with them)
As a personal car a 2004 1.6hdi with some mods, the only problems I got was due the bad shops interventions at about 100k on the right hands everything fine

My wife has a 2011 C3 II 1.4hdi, 220K only adblue refill

Correct maintenance is the key plus the right shop