= Car audio novice: factory headunit > LC7i > alpine r-a90s 6ch > focal flax evo 3-way? (Add active sub later after finacial recovery). =

Is this a sensible install?
Intended components:
Notes: For a Peugeot van with current 2-way system, 3 incher's to be installed in door, retain factory HU, do not intend on using the cross over and run the speakers active off the 6ch amp

Intend on installing an underseat focal 8" sub with seperate amp down the track perhaps, 3 way system intital priority but if you have any idea how to set up the initial system with this in mind would be great to know

Suggestions, critiques?

Or would it be better to run the 3-way speakers through 4 channels, using 2chs for the crossovers for tweeter and midrange, 2 chs for 6.5" woofers and then a bridge the amp for a subwoofer in the future?
I just want to know how to get the most out of these speakers and apparently running them active is the best way to go but will it mean I run the risk of blowing the tweeters or do i need t protect them with capcitors

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