= Anyone with experience owning a Peugeot Work Van? =

Hey Brisbanites!
Hoping I can find someone out there that is willing to share what sort of operating costs they find with owning and operating a Peugeot Van around Brisbane? Have heard they can be expensive to get repaired/maintained. Specifically looking at a smaller ones like the Peugeot Partner L2 2009. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
I'm not from Australia, I just happened to stumble upon this post randomly. I don't know anything about how Peugeot's are priced in Australia, I also don't know how cheap/expensive they are to maintain down there. So sadly I can't help you with that

The Partner in my opinion is a great van, there aren't a lot of problems with the models ranging from 08-15. Later models however get newer tech and more climate restrictions meaning more problems considering EGR's and all that stuff, biggest problem on the newer ones is the AdBlue system

However, the pre facelift models are ok. Not a lot of problems, but there are some:
Wheel bearing in the front likes to wear out a bit faster than on other cars in my experience

The solenoid which controls the turbo may fail after a while, I have changed some of them

Particle filter may need cleaning/replacing after a while. Peugeot uses this additive which goes into the diesel for environmental reasons, this may clog the filter after maybe 150-200k. I usually just take them out and powerwash the insides clean, then they go for another 100k

These cars may get some problems with the EGR, I have changed some of them. Depends on the usage a lot

Bulbs needs replacement pretty often, these cars are notorious for eating lightbulbs. No problem if you know how to change the though

Watch out for rust, this is mostly a problem for countries that has salted roads

Door gaskets gets worn fast, a way around this is to use silicone spray

These are the most common problems on these vans. No major ones at least. Pretty reliable cars IMO

Sorry that I can't help with prices for maintenance and such, but over here in Norway, maintenance on Peugeot's isn't that expensive

In my experience they have been a lot cheaper than current counterparts like the Caddy and the Citan. May differ from country to country

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