= Peugeot reveals fully electric e-308 and e-308 SW =

I wouldfor an electric wagon in the US. Unfortunately the closest we have is the Volvo v60 phev, which according to the Volvo dealer near me basically doesn't exist(they ordered one for a cusomery, took 4 months for the factory to accept the order and will take another 6+ for it to arrive)
Someone in another thread was saying how the new Chevy Equinox EV is basically a wagon
Honest question: how economically feasible would it be to import one of these to where you are?
New NMC battery, very good efficiency at 12.7kWh/100km, 100 kw charging is a bit low, but reasonable, 11 kw AC is actually good, 400 km, usable range, it looks nice, but but, what is the price?
I’m guessing it will start around 35k and 40k for SW
Finally a full electric station wagon
Interior might be one of the prettiest in the segment in my opinion much better than my e-208 that has the "paste a table to the dashboard and call it a day" design (not that I think it is terrible)

MG5 was already one of those. Although, from my POV, not a pretty as this one

Seeing the 308 range going full electric is really nice, as I love the design of the car

250 miles out of a 50 kwh battery is pretty impressive. Can't wait for what a Stellantis wagon on its own dedicated BEV platform can do

Im not entirely sold on "pure electric platform" giving more range

The VWwill have a 450km range on a 77kwh battery, and the peugeot partner and renault kangoo get 300km out of a 50kwh battery. Same size vans but really just a diesel van with an electric motor dropped in. At least for the partner. The new kangoo looks very well thought out though

Yeah. I'll be honest, I'm more than a bit skeptical at their claimed efficiency, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong

Having said that, even with their claimed efficiency, I still wish they'd gone for a bigger battery

I know this has nothing to do with these cars, but I have a Peugeot 3008e GT premium as a temporary car for a few months and there is so much about it that’swank. The OS and in car system is horrendous, even with iOS overlay and the battery life estimation is awful

Sorry. Irrelevant rant over
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