= Peugeot 308 (2022) =

I'm thinking about buying a Peugeot 308 as, for me, it's a drop-dead gorgeous car

I would like to know if anyone here has one and what do you think about it? If they bought on credit and how much does it cost per month? Do you drive well?
I appreciate any information you can provide me!

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I'll give you a piece of advice: join the peugeot 308 portugal club on FB and ask everything ;) there are some people already with the news. They can help with everything

Hello. First of all, thanks for the advice!
Where can I find this club? I've looked and can't find it. Can you give me the link? Thanks!
Search youtube for carwow and autotrader and watch the videos about the car. They are very enlightening and help to decide :)
The carwow videos are very good, but the guy looks like a VAG guy. Everything related to Volkswagen is perfect for him

You shouldn't have come here with that question, you might have triggered 90% of the sub users with the fact that you wanted to
**buy a new car and on credit

As a general rule, on the brand's website you can make a simulation of the amount to pay depending on the car you choose, extras, deposits, and duration of credit

For the rest, see, for example, if the dealerships closest to you have these semi-new or service cars, they tend to be a little more affordable and almost always have a good warranty period

The difference between reddit and real life on reddit nobody likes or buys peugeots, in real life it's seeing them on the road. On reddit peugeots don't walk 50km's in real life you see them on the road. On reddit a used peugeot is thething you can buy, in real life the 3008 is one of the best selling cars in used car dealerships..

It's already the second French car I have and I'm happy with both I bought a ds3 with 120,000 km's and it did 130,000 more and it was still fine, I only sold it because I needed a van, I bought a peugeot 308sw, 1.5hdi eat8 so far so good. Pass but it's on spritmonitor.de to see the characteristics and consumptions

Are you in the group? If you're not, you have to be 😂 to start paying for coffees.. a
The Peugeot 208 is indeed a car with aof a lot. It must be one of the best looking hatchbacks ever. I think the 308 is not on the same level aesthetically

But on the other hand I never felt that Peugeot justifies the prices. I would trust a Ford or Hyundai much more than a Peugeot

I would never recommend buying a car on credit. We are talking about APR's around 10%

I'm a layman on this subject, but if you don't advise buying on credit, what's left besides buying in cash?
it's a drop-dead gorgeous car
Okay, this is legit and everyone knows it for themselves, but I always find it funny that people buy cars - essentially a machine, which they want to work well - based on

I always find it funny to people who think that, despite marketing and design being absurdly giant industries, in which all brands invest millions of dollars, a car is to be enjoyed just like a machine.

Buying a new car on credit?
I don't think anyone can advise you on that, you will pay much more than the car is really worth, and it will only depreciate

In addition, given the lack of parts, a friend of mine asked at Renault and they are not offering any commercial discounts and have delivery times of over a year

It will only devalue

I don't know I saw a car almost the same as mine - it has less extras - with the same year of registration for sale second hand for almost €6000 more than what I paid for mine. I went to confirm the usual sales sites. Equal

Therefore, it does not always devalue

I appreciate the advice. In fact, it wouldn't be for now. It would be a plan for 1 year from now, I would just like to start planning things and know what people who have this car really think of it
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