= 2016 Peugeot 308 Gti by Peugeot Sport =

Hello all! I’ve just bought a lovely Peugeot 308 Gti after having a huge crush on them since they were released

I’ve owned a few Peugeots in the past but this is by far the newest I’ve had so this generation is a bit alien to me

The car is amazing, so comfortable yet goes like an absolute rocket ship so ticks all the boxes. I have a couple of questions regarding the alarm system and battery and Google has not been my friend so looking for owners advice

The car was delivered to me last week, and since I’ve had it the alarm goes off around 2 minutes after deadlocking it. The “eco” light also flashes and the vehicle won’t go into start stop. I’m assuming the car has been sat for a while and likely jump started, so am I right in thinking it’s a low battery issue?
I’m taking it on a long drive this weekend with electrics off (where possible) to hopefully improve the battery charge. I can still lock the car with the key but it’s quite irritating having to do that every time!
I’m not worried at all as the cars still under warranty and a 14 day refusal and they are already booking it in to be looked at. Plus you know, I love it

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Oh how I would love a GTi. Is it the 250 or 270? Either way, Peugeot definitely found their feet again with this generation. Congrats on the acquisition! I have a 2015 308 SW BlueHdi which I love. The driving position has ruined other cars for me 😂
I digress. I recently had the car in because the cruise control stopped working suddenly, followed by an engine light. Turned out to be a stuck EGR. When diagnosing the problem, the first question the mechanic asked was if my Stop Start System was working. This indicates to me that it’s probably a very common issue with cars around your year model. They do have a lot of complex electrical systems that are operated by the BSI and I’ve been told a bad battery can cause a lot of phantom symptoms. Often they can be sorted by removing the positive terminal off the battery (which doesn’t require any tools) to reset the BSI, or failing that, replacement of the battery. Also just as a heads up - Stop Start Batteries are a bit pricier than regular ones

Definitely sounds like your issue could be the battery, as you suggested

Thank you for getting back to me!
It’s a 250, debated the 270 but after seeing the price of those brakes decided against it. Plus the 250 has a softer ride too and I’m not planning to take it on a track so better long distance

I have heard the phrase BSI thrown about, hopefully the longer drive will correct it if not then they can book it in and have it looked at properly. No cost to me, cars under warranty and I’m still within my 14 days so all good!
Thanks for your help :)
How successful does your keyless entry work? my drivers side has stopped working completely and i'm thinking it is also a faulty battery. 67 plate 308 here

The keyless entry works fine so far, but I’ve only had it a few days and used it a handful of times

On most cars weird electrical faults point to battery issues as a first port of call. Could also be your key fob out of juice?
The eco mode is. Mine works intermittently, basically only when it feels like it. It has been discussed here a lot
The start stop is indeed could be a battery issue indeed. I would get the battery tested if it's still okay then don't worry about it. The start stop system is bad anyway. On my 308 it's not working for the last two years and I am happy about it

One of these is on my to buy list next as I find my 208 bps a little small
I echo others disconnect the battery for a while & take it for a good drive if that does nothing try a new battery