= [all welcome] Black Sword Mercenaries[Recruiting] ! =

[all welcome] "Black Sword Mercenaries" RECRUITING!
BSM or Black Sword Mercenaries was founded in August of 2011 and composed of a group of players with common interests in Arma 3 milsim. We run missions based around Zeus GM missions with multiple capabilities to do all types of missions in a small task unit/task force setting with aviation support from rotary wing assets

One part that differentiates us from other communities is that we don't always stick with the US based forces. The main reason is why should we limit ourselves to just doing the same old COIN type missions over and over. With the vast array of mods on the Steam Workshop available to the Arma 3 community; we are able to be just about anything and any nation

As a member of Black Sword Mercenaries you can expect to see missions ranging from a special operations one off mission for a kill/capture HVT to basic infantry, COIN, combined arms combat and reconnaissance; along with a few things you haven't seen in a milsim community before. Our team of mission designers has many years of combined knowledge of mission building within the Arma frameworks and have a great understanding of how to build good missions with the right mix of material, troops and virtual enemies to keep the community engaged. If all of this sounds like a place you might be interested in joiningWell we look forward to seeing you in the server with us soon
Every campaign is different with a different faction everytime! As a member of the Milsim you have the opportunity to send your ideas to the Mission maker or even make your own. We try to keep it fun and interesting which is why we play as a Mercenaries Unit so we can do different things

Once completed you will be taught and tested on multiple tactics and techniques applicable to ArmA 3, including Small Unit Tactics, Airborne Insertions, Land Navigation, and more

**In need of MG's and pilot's** **Who Are We
A group of mature like minded players who want to play ArmA 3 right. Implementing the right mix of realism and fun to achieve a an enjoyable atmosphere. No drama welcome. Some veterans and currently serving military personnel

- Be 14 or older
- Have a working microphone
- Have a legit copy of ARMA 3
- Team Speak 3 Downloaded (And TFAR Beta)
- Must be respectful to members
- Willing to listen tofrom higher when in-game
**Join Discord to Enquire**
Time Zone:
UK Time 7:30PM Saturday Main Operation,
UK Time 7:30PM Wednesdays Side Operations

Team Speak 3 IP:
Discord - httpsdiscord.gg/vTGKY28dUE
youtube httpswww.youtube.com/watch?v=xY0gUs5Mv94
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