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I'm thinking about buying a Peugeot 308 as, for me, it's a drop-dead gorgeous car

I would like to know if anyone here has one and what do you think about it? If they bought on credit and how much does it cost per month? Do you drive well?
I appreciate any information you can provide me!

Depends on the engine. The 1.5 HDI is not that engine that I would trust due to the problems of the camshaft chain that has already put several engines in the trash with half a dozen km

The 1.2 Puretech are also not free from chain problems

The car itself is solid, I don't find it exactly beautiful, but I understand that it appeals to those who like a more irreverent and more out of the box design. I embirro immensely with those Peugeot steering wheels

The OP didn't even care about the fact that there are people changing engines with the car still practically in the running

You wasted your time giving advice to a guy who doesn't care about the mechanics

Let the floor..

Pa, French for me leave something to be desired. I had a megane and I don't think French ever again. Buying on credit will depend on a lot: down payment, contract term, whether it is leasing or credit with reservation of title. It is impossible to tell you how much it costs per month without even knowing the price of the car

I have recent experience of Renault vs. Peugeot and I have no problem saying that Peugeot, at least in terms of quality, is well above Renault

I went from a Megane to a 2020 308 and there is no comparison possible

The car is around €26,500. French leave something to be desired? Seriously? Can I know why?
I have a Peugeot 206 1.9D and it has never let me down, so so far I love Peugeot cars
I've always heard bad things about Meganes, now, for example, Laguna are better
I also really like the car and I'm considering buying it, but I'm undecided about the MB class A
I've already made up my mind and this is the one I'm going to buy

May I ask why you are undecided?
I was also torn between these two. But equally equipped, the A class was 15 thousand euros more. I can't justify so much money on a combustion engine car in the age we live in. If it was 100% electric, that would be another story

The A class has a Renault engine and Mercedes construction.. you pay an extra 15k€ for beautiful plastics
I don't know if you're interested, but Stellantis has now presented a 100% electric 308. I also think the new Peugeot line is beautiful. I really like the front details

Curious to see the price of this when it comes out. My 308 is the Hybrid 225 and it is already about 7 thousand euros more expensive than what I paid for it. The electric should come out even further above that

The new symbol hurts me, mania for removing 3D effects nowadays, I don't want a crl sticker
Seriously? I think otherwise. The new symbol not only puts the old one to a corner, but also adds a touch of refinement to the brand, it looks much more like a luxury brand

But likes are likes
I do not have any. I like the latest Peugeot cars. But in this one they put their foot in the puddle. Unfortunately it only has 4 stars ncap. And the space behind is extremely small. And in front I feel shy. I was disappointed when I went to see him

Too many ambiguous questions..

What does it cost per month? Depends on what you're going to pay in advance and in how many months..

Do you drive well? Pah I can like it and find the car super dynamic, but the neighbor doesn't anymore.

How about a test drive or visit to the stand and take those doubts?
PS: the front grille is.. I preferred the old one from 2021

Unfortunately, the plug-in hybrid version has a price that, in my opinion, is too much to justify buying from private individuals

I didn't have good experiences with the French either, but it wasn't Pegeout, it was Renault and Citroen. After that I always opt for Honda, Toyota and Volvo in that order

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