= Peugeot 308 1.5 130hp National =

Hi, what do you think of this car with this engine? I'm thinking of purchasing for the family. Does anyone have feedback?
Good. Can you explain why? I have two lol. An e2008 to drive 2 to 3k km per month and a 208 1.2 PureTech 75 hp with as little extras as possible, for when the other one doesn't give, maybe 200 to 300 km per month - Both from 2021. Don't tell me I got a bad deal!
There is a chain that connects the two camshafts and that ends up giving the streak. There are people starting engines at 60 thousand: httpsforum.motorguia.net/auto-ajuda/168122-problemas-1-5-hdi-130cv-terceiro-motor-em-garantia.html
It doesn't seem like a good engine at all, and I think that's the general opinion of people. On the Motorguia forum there is a thread for the 3008 where they talk a lot about this engine and never say it well

If the 308 you're looking at is the new model (09-2021 onwards), better bet on gasoline or PHEV. If it's the old model, better look for a 1.6HDi

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