=Peugeot 308 by Renault Fluence=

I have a Peugeot 308 Active 2013 with 92 thousand ķm, and I had the opportunity to exchange it for a Renault Fluence Privilege also from the same year. From what I understand, it is a very good car, not only because of the equipment it has, which is very complete; against which the peugeot can not do much, but also has a fairly reliable mechanics of which I also highlight the nissan mr20 engine that holds up quite well. Anyway, I would like to hear your opinion about the car. Thank you very much

For me, no matter how full or whatever it is, it's your car with your maintenance vs. a car that you don't know how it is 100%, it can go well or very badly and you'll end up complaining every day, not because of him. car itself if not because it is not a completely rational change, you only change the model of the car you do not go up in year, apart from the fact that you sell it easily to 308, a fluence is not so salable

This. And you don't say how many owners and km the Fluence had. For the same year I see no sense

The Fluence is a very complete car in its full version, it is a “hidden” gem in the used market, it is also very reliable. I would see if I get to the GT version that has a more interesting mechanics

I would do it, the fluence is a re-auto, and the 308, being the active one, lacks everything, it will be a huge difference in terms of equipment. Lastly, if you like the 308 platform, change it for a feline and that's it, but the truth is that the flow will be great unless you don't like long boats
I don't really see so much logic in it

I had a fluence, yes. It did not bring me any problem, with a somewhat rustic but very noble mechanics. Interior quality and finishes, not so good, but it was not a disaster. On the route very greedy, but super stable and comfortable

In short, you are doing a Chinese to change to something very similar to what you currently have. I would ONLY recommend it if you say "I want it, and I'm going to keep it for a MINIMUM of 5 years". Surely fluence is cheap for a reason, they are VERY difficult to sell

If I were in your situation, I wouldn't change the 308 for the fluence or crazy. I prefer to gather a few more mangoes and change the 308 plus a few pesos for something newer

I feel that the fluence depreciates a lot due to the fact that it is very pot

By 2013, I hit all the depreciation, and it sold quite well, I don't see it becoming a C4 Sedan (the old one) that is now a new nail.