= Peugeot: 208 feline vs 308 HDI feline =

Hello everyone! Which of these two cars would you keep?
I love the 208 design and everything "modern" it has, drivinga 3D dashboard and all those giladas that I love. They are already beginning to get some with a few km. The bad thing is its engine from the time of the dinosaurs and its inflated average price

On the other hand, the 308 is just the opposite, a car that has just been discontinued (I still find its design beautiful and current). Quite old-fashioned, but it is much more auto, in terms of motorization. I always liked gas tankers

Thanks for reading and commenting folks

I honestly don't think there is a winner objectively speaking, each one has its pros and cons

So I tell you what I tell everyone who asks in a car comparison, try both and see, because the most important thing about a car is that you like it and that's not just the equipment and the engine

Can you imagine getting up early every day to drive a car that you don't like aesthetically?
And IMHO as much as the 308 hdi is pretty fun to drive, you're comparing it to the most beautiful car on the market by far

I calculate that you are talking about the 308 from the restyling more or less since 2015, the issue with that car is that it is a 308 from 2012 but with a different bumper and different rear lights, but it is cheaper from all sides and the entertainment system is a joke, although the rest of the car is very very good, it is still that you are paying more for a 308 inferior to its previous version, if you want a good 308 look for a gti that comes from Europe and has everything, in security, comfort and engine performance. But what if, the navigation system is not on par with any more modern car. Now the 208 feline is full of gimmicks and comforts that many cars in its segment do not have, not to mention its interior and exterior design, although objective, clearly superior to its competition. The bad thing about the 208 is that it is a segment below the 308 and its engine is very outdated, it uses the same engine as the 206, that makes it reliable and it has parts that are very easy to find, but it is a very old engine and it would already be time to change it. In summary, they are two cars from two different segments, and objectively the 308 is a superior car, but the issue is that here in Argentina we do not have the 308 of the new 208 generation and the 308 restyling is a 308 from two generations ago with an entertainment screen excuse
I would add that it is full of horror stories with the 308, failures a few km after leaving the dealership, constant problems, quilombos with the electronics, etc (not only in the THP)
Alternative: 208 HDi of the previous generation. You have good mechanics and European quality. But you lose the technology. Although it is still better than the 308

I would say that it depends on how much you value technology, the 308 is a decade behind in that sense but it is more of a car, but if you are going to look at cars in that segment I would leave Peugeot. The Focus, Golf or Cruze were always references of the C-segment and the 308 is like being half marginalized, due to age and the lower price of Mercosur (especially in the last phase, they even took the soul out of the rear bumper), in a Cruze you can find enough technology, such as driving

The 208 is more modern and has a better resale price, the 308/408 is from a higher segment and is another car, another comfort and safety, more interior space. Bring better engines and boxes. But it stopped being done and it is more expensive to maintain. But if you get it good, it's a great car. If you are going to walk on the route/highway, I recommend the 308 for everything said before in the city the 208 is cheaper in general

Keep in mind that you are considering buying used and the 1.6 petrol engine of the 208 inspires you more confidence than the newer THP version of the 308. That motorization is undoubtedly better for resale, it is reliable and does not fail. I wouldn't go for anything from Peugeot that doesn't align with the new restyling, mind you even the 2008 is "new" and still has the interior and technology of the previous 208! They get to launch it on their new platform and the current version is going to be greatly devalued while there are 208 for a while

Buying a used diesel is one thing to be careful about, they are two good cars but from different segments and I couldn't tell you which one, for comfort, space and practicality I would go for the 308, but for very little.