= Game report: Silicoids &15 opponents on 500 star map @harder, part 2 =

Turn 242
10 K t d (= Klackon transports destroyed, ofc by ships in orbit)
Sending pop to recently conquered colonies
Turn 243
5 space battles, won them all but lost a few ships

We pause expansion to develop the new cols, move pop and let ships from behind reach the battle zone,
the Aviari collect too much ships in 2 systems nearby to strech it out even more

Turn 244
Sent 2 fleets to not yet "visited" Klackon cols, unfortunately the defending fleets retreated. We need a ship spcl that allows to intercept fleets and transports in hyperspace
Turn 245
Stole fusion rifle tech from Aviari
187 K t d, 167 K t d
Turn 247
2 battles, both vs superior numbers, lost 1 of 10 ships at a Klackon col in the nebula,
none vs fleet of ~100 on unpopulated system, but 65 could escape
Looks like my ships are dealing not enough dmg, Scrap oldest ship for a medium size ext range colony ship for some unpopulated systems before the next war tech is there. And the "too close" Igneoid col which will be combat destroyed in next turn ;)

Turn 248
Sending 14 Col ships, one target may be a little (too?) close to an Aviari Colony

Turn 249
Bombarded Klackon col in nebula, send the majority of ships to the 2nd remaining Klackon system nearby. 238 K t d
11 new colonies, 2 expansion complaints, Sarlok remain silent but the event shows up on the relations meter. I would have expected more to complain. 3 more colony ships slowed down by nebula, will arrive in 2 to 4 turns

Council should meet next turn
Turn 250
201 K t d
Microing pop, reserve and ships
Turn 251
Unexpected high bomb dmg destroyed 2 cols 1st col in nebula on 75 jungle planet
More pop for fresh cols
Turn 252
2 space battles reduced Klackon and Aviari forces
2nd col in nebula on 30 minimal planet
Even more pop for fresh cols
Turn 253
Council meets, total number of votes is 404, nominated are Citizen Sand of the Silicoids and the Aviari leader Highsoar. Our 110 votes abstain, 73 Aviari vote for Highsoar, as 35 Sarlok do, 33 Bulrathi clones for Sand, i.e. us, 30 Psilon clones for Highsoar, 25 Bulrathi Highsoar, 20 Mrrshan Highsoar, 20 Igneoids Sand, 20 Meklar Sand, 12 Klackon Sand, 9 Psilons Sand, 8 Cybernar Sand, 8 Darlok Highsoar, 1 Alkari Sand sums up to 93 Sand and 203 Highsoar. Potenialy dangerous election, I do not think that we could win an all out war atm,
the Igneoid flank is too weak for that, they have combat speed 5 ships which are hard to outrun, although i may be able to produce the required amount of large HEF ship fast enough, but would like to have the nullifier 1st

Scored a tech hattrick ! Robotics 7 lead to ECM X, Nullifier and Future comp 1, also to microing all cols, took Future comp 1. Adamantium -> Neutronium Tri Focus Plasma connon to Stellar converter and Neutronium bomb, took the converter 101 K t D
Turn 254
142 K t d, and 190 K t D
Turn 255
Had to retreat ships in nebula and bring more, i.e. 7 more turns until the next attempt on the Klackon colony Meanwhile the 1st refits from IRC4 to IRC7 are in progress

Turn 256
40 K t D
Noticed one of my fleets in flight at position to reach the Klackon nebula colony in 5 turns, sent it

Turn 257 31 K t D
Turn 258
Too tired for notes, ended session

Turn 259
New day, new session

The refit from RC4 to RC7 will still take some time, the big planets are maxed, smaller ones have only 25% taken from Tech Research: Future Comp1 141k, Neutronium 147k, Shields XIII 33k, T+100 16k, Nullifier 10k @3.4k, S Converter 125k
Turn 260
Orbiting more Klackon cols, and a rich Aviari system, the hostile of the 14 young cols slowly get their atmo+soil terraforming done, reserve is running low as the rich feeding col in the map corner is still producing factories
Turn 261
Couple of space battles won, no losses as the AI prefers to save the remaing outdated ships
instead of at least reducing my fleets and slow down the expansion. Stole Neutronium Bomb from Aviari
Aviari send transports to recapture the rich col, supported by some ships and an allied Psychon fleet, ETA 2y

Wating for the Inertial nullifier to come, atm at 0%

Turn 262
2 battles won, 3 other fleets decided to cheat away

(We have the tech to hit ships before they can retreat from the screen, since several years)
Turn 263
Repelled 1 Aviari attack, Psychons used the exploit, and ofc split their fleet up in the process (this one really needs to be fixed @Ray, it would also cause less enemy fleet clutter on the screen within players space)
Hmmmm, I have 2 unemployed and (far?) superior fleets in orbit of own colonies, very close to enemy planets,
if only I could figure out what to do with them. (sending to an Aviari and a Klackon colony incl transports)
Decided to reload last save as 1 fleet was somehow sent to wrong system, leaving 30transport unsupported

Turn 264
Aviari were defeated and lost 1% total of their ships fleet (6400
captured a Klackon colony, losing ~20 colonists (to many)
Couple Aviari transports incoming in 2 turns, looks like they cheat, because 1 transport is ~6.7 ly away, so it must be at warp 4 to arrive in 2 turns, which fits well to their tech info,
but the closest is at ~1.8 ly away, so it must fly not faster than warp 1 to arrive in 2 turns

Inertial nullifier still at 4% like in last 2 turns :(
Turn 265
Aviary lost another percent of their ships, we conquered a Klackon col
Inertial Nullifier breaktrough!
New ship issued immediately, Meduim Tritanum hull, warp8/class8 drives, no shields/ECM, BC mk IX,
1 Hvy fusion beam, 1 gauss 1 megabolt 4 AM bombs. (Aviary have an evasion 12 ship, so megabolt is a must) Also a colonizer for destroyed klackon colonies in the nebula

Turn 266
another 30 aviari ships destroyed, lost 3 last gen ships in the process,
3 battles with klackon ships that do not really pose a threat, too slow

More admin stuff, turns are taking longer to manage and for the game (5 sec on hitting [n] is not unusual) there is a lot going on in the background, according to info in cmd window
btw it may reveal the Darloks diplo status to players, but did not take a closer look to avoid cheating

Turn 267
3 battles, retreated from one after destroying some Aviari ships, no losses
36 K t d
.. Turn 268
162 K t d
About 40 colonies are maxing Ind this turn

Turn 269
More space battles 42 colonies maxed Ind, 4 of them conqured with shield, had to reset the auto adjustment into "def" on the remaining 38 :(
(needs a fix, locked slider must block auto distribution, i.e. auto distribution must not be allowed to overrride locked sliders!)
18 K t d. 76 A t d
Complete check of all 94 cols, cleanup for the 3 digits while 5 col ships are closing their destinatiosn, 2 missed to send a turn earlier
Btw this shows another restriction of an imo legitimate use uf Hyperspace Comm prevented by the nerf, I cant send Transports through the nebula while the col ships are enroute and later direct them to the just created colonies. /eor Race report says we are 6th in fleet str, 1/6 of the leading Aviari, 1st in pop tech prod and total, 2nd in planets short behind the aviari. (remember they had colonized 80 to 90 % of the 24x36 ly patch in the lower right) Should insert the Energy Pulsar in the next weapon research and use it in 3 designs simultaneously to "safely"med size hull ship stacks,
as BC mk IX + megabolt may become insufficient for the Alkari evasion bonus
Turn 270
Some tough battles, had to use the new design as gambit for the hundreds of Aviari pulsons, Admiral Quartz, who commanded the flagship, did an excellent job which lead the to victory,, the Planet will forever remember the heroic sacrifice of Fleet Unit 420;)
31 K t d
Tech is recovering from refits, atm at 60k RP, should be 80 to 90 soon, ship prod is 75+/turn

Aviari fleet massing very close, sending all in to destroy/force retreat
Turn 271
All in was the right decision, lost 3 baits and destroyed 120 to 150 ships. The Aviari eradicate their Alkari "relatives (I hope Ray has given the AI races the same penalty as players get for that, you know, fairness reasons;)
Counting incoming enemy ships do defend their col in order to distribute just enough to win andmuch,
but not to chase them instantly away. (the "exploit vs the AIs retreat cheat, as my ships have speed 7 and hvy beams, i.e.ships in 1st turn before they can retreat)
Turn 272
It paid to count, lost next to zero vs the Aviari, Psychon ran away to fight another day Transports en route to 2 Psychon and 1 Aviari col

Turn 273
Catptured 3, founded 2 in Nebula (iirc one of them 1 turn too early?) The number of red lines on the map just drastically increased :o
Turn 274 Missing entry ;)
Turn 275
Incoming ships at Klak colony Kanki 76 bumblebee vs 32 ships type M8(previous gen) and 24 ships "M8 0"(last gen), at Klackon col "5 Cansacbe": 34 Needle 91 Beetle vs eight M8 0 who destroyed all enemy forces in a very long battle (spd 7 &&Gauss were the key) Unpopulated system Ixil: 28 Beetle vs 10 ships type "M6 IXc" (pre M8 gen), 2 Beetles escape At unpopulated system Saigo: 429 skyhawk 265 space Gull 1 falcon. I send the 56 ships type M8 to protect a close by colony

Colony 098: 178 Aviari transports, 40 space gull vs 48 M8, 4 M8 0 and 2 M6 IXc, 4 Space Gulls escape. Colony 093 24 beetle vs 17 M8, all beetles destroyed Colony 099 216 skyhawk 119 space gull 3 falcon vs 60 M8 0, 123 M8, 57 M6 IXc, 29 M6 IXb and 7 M6 IX, the attackers did not enter the battle, and split up their fleet into 40 stacks, This will delay them to collect another attack fleet, in MoO i could have destroyed a good amount with the M8 0 before they retreat, and send my ships to their single destination tomore

Turn 276
57 K t d
Must finish future propulsion 1(at still 97k to 0%) to get energy pulsar,
so i put refit on ~ a dozen cols to 25% and 49k of 64k total RP into it. Incoming enemy forces: Col 98: 89Gulls 90Hawks, 126 53 in 2 turns; Col 99: 55 + 39
Sending pop to 4 new cols
Turn 277
Council meeting: 133 Silicoids abstain 77 Aviari votes for their leader Highsoar, 36 Psychon Highsoar,
35 Bulrathi clones for Sand, 35 Sarlok for Sand, 29 Bulr for Highsoar 17 meklar Sand 15 Igneoid Sand,
13 Mrrshan Sand, 9 Meklar2 to Sand. 9 Psilon Sand 6 D/Sarlok Highsoar, 5 Klackon Highsoar,
Total votes 419, 153 Highsoar, 133 Sand, 133 abstained, so we would not have won the cheap way
if we had voted for ourselves, which makes no sense if you do not accept the counil vote at all,
and only there for entertainment/study of biologic lifeforms diplomatic interactions :p
destroyed 90 of 98 Klackon ships at destroyed K col Kanki

destroyed ~100 Klackon ships at destroyed K col Cancabce

destroyed 30 to 40 ships at destroyed K col Saigo

destroyed 80 to 90 Klackon ships at our col 099
Destroyed 130 (small) Klackon ships at our Col 102
Furure Propulsion researched (probably was less than 3% last turn!) -> Energy Pulsar
31 K t D
Turn 278
New ship, added 1 megabolt, gauss and AMB to the turn 265 design

7 colonizers will be built, should be enough ships in range to protect the new cols

Turn 279
Research hattrick, Class XIII shields to only option XV, Energy pulsar -> interdictor, better now than too late, Stellar converter to fut weap I
Too much hits in one turn, the chances were extremely low, and not the 1st time this playthrough

Perhaps the game rolls only 1dice for breaktrough in general and combines it with a roll for each tech field,
and the first roll has too high weight in the calculation?
Reload last save, the chances were 11% shields, and pulsar, 1% converter,
so the chance for all 3 tech breakthrough should be about 1 to 8k New Design, +1 megabolt and 4 OmegaV for the AMBs 118 A t d
kaniki 77 beetle 4 venom 273 bees
Turn 280
Unbelieveable, Neutronium Armour! 32 A t d at 098
Transports go to 6 new cols, now at 108 total This will last "a while" since we did not have unlimited range in the list, no SST to instantly take out whatever poses the highest threat on battle screen, not the fastest drives/no adavanced cloning ..

Turn 281
88 A t d at 098
Igneoid ships approach 4 of my systems, incl tons of transports to my home system, thats at least style, although

Building ships "M8 0c" (+1 megabolt) also at Igneoid border
Turn 282
426 Igneoid transports at 001 completely destroyed 16 K t d at Cansacbe 48 A t d at 098
Turn 283
The AI now spreads attacks instead of multiple fleets at 1 to 3 colonies, distributing accordingly takes increasing time, 8.5% is still at lower end of what i am willing to spend for fleet on regular base (12.5) as long as research makes still sense

btw future comp 15%, powered armour 62k, shields class XV 104k, T+100 2%, Interdictor 62kfuture II), Future W I 123k
Turn 284
Hat to retreat from K col in nebula. 308 I t d at 011
Turn 285
We steal IIT4 from Aviari and frame Bulrathi Future comp 1, we go lvl II (i never liked the nullifier) New ship design has 1 OmegaV added The Ursinathi send some ships to 2 of my cols and and an unpop poor buffer system, Beyond their range as the ship scan reveals in turn 287!
Turn 286
105 new ships Destroyed/chased some attackers at unpop and own systems 174 Igneoid crystal shattered by our defensife forces
I spot a large not yet scanned Ursinathi ship at an empty system 10.5 ly from their closest col, 8 is their base range
Turn 287
T+100 at 14%(since 2 turns, was minimized) , so +40 on each col and +280 factories, should be done in a few turns,
then we should be able to build more than 1 large ship at each col
Eco at every developed col(nearly 100) is set to +40 pop

Turn 288
maxing Ind slider at 94 cols
Spot Igneoid transports, one is between the 4 and 5 ly distance rings, 3 others within 11 and 12. Is the closest one equipped with slower engines? Needs a fix!
Turn 289
40 transports to Aviari col west, they are massing a fleet at the south

The Igneoid send ~250 transports, ETA 2 turns, to a central rally point where literally on eship for each transport is orbiting,
and they should be able to see my ships with their adv scanner
My transports should take Koide in the west, from where i can protect bombedToZero UR
Turn 291
171 I t d at 107
Map reveals that Meklar, Cybernar and Psychon build Star gates, even on colonies that appear to have base size 50, 60 ..

the upkeep will cripple their economies, i have not built a single yet, but most likely would have if they could be scapped

Turn 292
247 I t d at 059
Most cols finished Ind, atm at 107k tech
Turn 293 - 295
56 I t d at 107 set up 5 colonizers
send them 4 new cols &send pop, 5th colonizer eta 3 turns in nebula
Turn 296
Again the AI decides to retreat without battle because my guarding fleet is too strong, I a mgetting annoyed (as the Inertial nullifier ships would all reach them before the can escape, i even havent builrt a single ship with HEF because i can reach them any way if the decide fight I decide to divert from normal behaviour and reload

Small parts of the defenders are removed until theattackers decide to fight ;)
Looking at the AIs yellow lines on the map, @Ray should teach them to avoid nebulae on their flight path

Turn 296
He he, 150 Aviari shipps destroyed at 105
Turn 297
No battles, no new cols
Turn 298
Future comp II and class XV shields brake, next are Future III and I
Many new red lines, transports incoming at 2 cols, some are > 6 ly away, I check the Aviari tech, they do not only have warp8 now, but also the teleporter! Probably have to build a base for the interdictor

Prepare an attack on Ishidy, a rich Aviari cool that was to fall anyway sooner or later
Turn 299
The Ursinathi, a technologically underdeveloped biological species declare war, although they are not really in range t oattack, prpobably an outburst of the leader agressive personality
434 A t d at 105
Turn 300
Ishida taken, STT found
The ursinati ask for peace, we agree
135 A t d at Saigo/113, 378 A t d at 110, 184 A t d at Kaneko/114UR
New ship designs, last updated and "Loknar": med Trit hull, spd/man 8, no shields/ECM, BC mk IX,
3 + 3 megabolt, 1 gauss, 4 OmegaV, Inertial nullifier, SST, Energy Pulsar
Turn 301 Destroyed some incoming ships
71 A t d at 113
Turn 302
dito Igneoid offered peace, agreed, trade 225 BC established (lowest in case the change their mind)
120 A t d at 116r
Research(135k RP): F Comp III 97k Q34k, F Constrction 1 4% @7k, FFF I 90k @11.5k,
T+120 39k @4.6k, F Prop II 98k @34k, F Weap II 74k @ 37k
Turn 303
Concil meeting, 478 total, 206 silicoids abstain, 65 Alkari vote for Highsoar, 37 Bulrathi for Sand, 36 Ursinathi for H, 33 Darlok for S, 32 Psychon for S, 30 Meklar for S, 17 Cybernar for S, 10 Psilon for S,
9 Mrrshan for S, 7 Igneoid for S, 3 Spylok for H, 3 Klackon for H: 1065 S vs 107H + 206 abstain. Might have been sufficient to win, but we would not accept if someone else wins,
so it would be paradox to become leader via council vote, or so ;)
Turn 304
Some bears declare war. The Bulrathi
Turn 305
172 A t d at 116r
The 2 huge Bulrathi ships re[tr/ch]eated. Couple techs are at % lvl, as intendedship updates)
Turn 306 Future W II to III
152 A t D at 116r
Bulrathi send transports supported by 3 huge ships, and another huge to fifferent col
We establish some trade treaties to keep the majority neutral
Turn 307
328 Bulrathi transport destroyed at 103, as their support had left them alone.!
Turn 308
Invaded UR Klackon col in nebula, they have 3 left
Turn 309
197 A t D at 116r
Send a fleet into nebula to2 klackon colonies and guard systems

Sending a couple ships on long recon flights over unscanned systems

Turn 310
Fut Prop II -> III
319 B t d at 103
Far less Aviari attacks, they are at war with nearly all species
I am tempted to research BHG, FFFI is at 3k RP until 0%
Turn 311
Klackon Colony in nebula (with shield lvl 9;) destroyed, 3 turn until they lose their penultimate, the last maythe AI who does not suffer genocide Diplo penalty
(remeber to check the other whether someone is going toit and Ithe genocide)
Turn 312
More bulrathi transports incoming, i give them a last chance until the 4 Aviari colonies are swallowed

Turn 314
Klackon are reduced to a single colony on a terran fertile, which will eventually get a "rich" event
163 B t d at 113
Turn 315
248 A t d at 116r
Turn 316
Took Ina, the Aviari troops finally had neutronium(ofc stolen)
FFF I, took II, with neutronium potentially stolen the bhg appeared a bad idea
128 A t d at Ochi
Sending troops to Hinemo near ina and ochi, its a gamble as Bulrathi transports arrive in the same turn
Turn 317
The bulrathi appear to always arrive before me on a few reloads,
so I let the Aviari handle the transports, next turn we come back 102 B t d at Ina, 102 B t d at 102
Turn 318
Complete terraforming -> some microing for 120 cols ;) 204 B t d at 106 (you are aware that i dont mention all the espionage related messages
and futile AI attempts to increase trade,
(which eventually lead to more minus if some errratic decision of a non erratic leader triggers war)
or non aggro pacts which would allow them to colonize the buffer planets at the border,
last not least alliances which lead to hostile fleets in orbit when someone thinks,
or is made to think, that its time to break an alliance Ext range Colonizers are sent to expand territory at outer borders after recon flight,
military support will arrive at new cols 1 turn later (no risk no fun)
All developed cols will be terraformed and have their pop maxed with reserve support

Turn 319
157 A t d at 119
117 Ind sliders adjusted to max in 1 or 2 turns
turn 320
99 A t d at 121
99 cols maxed their Ind and needed their Def sliders set to zero
Turn 321
4 new colonies, 2 are UR (pick the cherries to a total of 125, a quarter of the galaxy
Some planets appear to have been destroyed colonies (Ind converts)
Turn 322
Cybernar declare war for no reason (ruthless militarist) 142 Cybernar transports destroyed at Lepidol
Turn 323
4 new cols, 3 get transports + generous reserve overkill
Turn 324
2 new cols, both get reserve and a previous gets transports
Turn 325
Future propulsion III to IV 326 A t d at 119 last new col in nebula
Turn 326
combat at Endo jungle 145 fertile, they have a sub space interdictor but no missile base. :) I.e. I must not build abase after theshields to have the interdictor

Endo taken by troops 250 B t d at 119
Turn 327
Asai taken by troops
269 A t d at 121
Turn 328
Council, 516 total, as usual Sand and Highsoar (i could change that quite fast;)
245 Silicoids abstain, 53 Aviari, 38 Psilon vote for S, 38 Ursinathi S, 36 Darlok S, 31 Bulrathi H, 19 Cybernar S (despute war!) 16 Meklar S, 13 Mrrshan S,
12 Igneoid S, 11 Psilon S, 2 Spylock H, 2 Klackon H 183 for Sand, 88 for Highsoar
Turn 329
402 B td at 112
Turn 330
378 A t d at 120, 401 B t d at 103
Turn 331
Future weapon iV, I go for plasma rifle because of the ground combat bonus
Defended 3 cols, sst shortens battles
305 B t d at 124ur
214 A t d at ?
I left another system unguarded, its colonized by meklar, send a minimun contingent to not chase away the large ship andthe col in combat ;)
Turn 332
Meklar ship retreated, Colony destroyed via bombardment
Future construction II to III
Turn 333
Meklar declare war Bombing some Aviari cols to prepare for invasion, and make friends
368 B t d at 124ur
Turn 334
Forced to retreat 1 fleet orbiting A colony Future Comp V -> VI
Transports go to 2 A cols, one 1 turn, 2nd in nebula 5 turns
Turn 335
Meklar ask for peace, agreed
Invasion successful, despite bad rng (have higher combat bonus but lost 17 for 14 defenders, or so) Future Force Fileds II -> III
384 B t d at 118
Turn 336
Meklar declare war. Again ;) Lost a medium ship sent to wear a colony down, in a long battle :(
Plasma Rifle -> Fut Weap V
Psilon complain abour fleet in just conquered system that we bombed down in preparation for transports,. 344 B t d at 103
320 A t d at 133
326 B t d at 124ur (they really want the system;)
Turn 327
97 A t d at 137
Turn 338
271 B t d at 136
Conquered A colonies Koriki and Daidoji, the 2nd in same turn as the psychon transports arived
Turn 339
New design med neutronium hull, warp/man 8, no shield/ecm,
Inertial nullifier cloak scanner, 2 tfpc, 10 megabolt 3 gauss 3 N bombs
I needed the BSm the aviari ships have too high evasion,
was thinking about class XV shields but many opponents use tfpc,
and some build huge ships, so the glass cannon appears the better solution
Akechi invaded Aoki invaded 52 B t d at Aoki ;)
106 A t d at 137
Turn 340
Future construction III -> IV, new ship design Time to go for the Bulrathi, 9 of their cols are within 1 turn transport range of a sili col,
(one is poor, so only 8 :( ) ships went into position the last turns. Durzum Durzub Dubok Bumbug Bugdul Doi Burguk: no bombs Durzol Bugrol: bombs Brokil UP! Ghorub P!
Turn 341
8 Bulrathi cols taken, their bonus caused some losses, as expected. 252 A t d at 139A
The sum of negative modifiers for Diplomatic incidents on the Bulrathi screen for this turn is -1105
looks like it will take some time until things calm down :D
Turn 342
Another B col taken, 2 destroyed
102 A t d at 137
Turn 343
103 A t d at ? 99 A t d at 138
Turn 344
119 B t d at 144 aka Bumbub
Turn 345
99 B t d at 147
Turn 346
Shifting ships, nothing spcl happened,
Turn 347
took 2 Aviari cols, found Trilithium
128 B t d at 147
Turn 348
nothing to report
Turn 349
185 A t d at 152
Turn 350
115 A t d at 154
Time for a tech breakthrough, Comp VI 17%, Construction IV 16%, Fields 15%, Prop V 16%, Weapons V 16%
Turn 351
Comp VI, Con IV
Turn 352
Fields III and Prop V insert 6 colonizers for the scrapped warship before the new one is designed
Turn 353
145 A t d at 155
5 new and 1 conquered col
Turn 354 to 355
nothing to report
Turn 356
170 B t d at system "164 Ursa"
Turn 357
Construction V to VI, again at 0%, I had just justed adjusted the slider to bring it to %
Turn 358
246 B t d at 159 A
Turn 359
297 B t d at 164 Ursa c (= 164th colony original Bulrathi homeworlds colonized, i.e found as empty fertile terran system)
The biological species of the galaxy have discoverd and shared reduced industrial waste 20%, even taken our higher research potential into account its weird that they are only at this lvl,
perhaps the upkeep fore their star gates cripples the economy that bad, however the ceased research was rather the same in MoO (not sure about the upkeep)

Turn 360
109 A t d at 163
Turn 361
Kitties declare war
Destroyed some Bulrathi colonies
351 B t d at 159 A
386 Psychon T d at 139 A
189 B t d at
Turn 362
Destroyed some Bulrathi colonies
300 B t d at 164 Ursa
300 B t d at 165 A
Turn 363
Destroyed a Bulrathi colony
128 B t d at Algorab
228 B t d at 158
92 A t d at 163
Turn 364
Destroyed a Bulrathi colony
287 Mrrshan t d at 165 A
226 Psyshon t d at 139 A
Turn 365
96 B t d at 157
Turn 365
256 B t d at 164 Ursa c
139 M t d at Algorab
Turn 366
172 B t d at algorab, 100 B t d at 165 A, 185 M t d at 165 A
Turn 367
Conquered a B colony, destroyed another
Turn 368
Destroyed a B colony
Turn 369
Propulsion VI -> VII
181 B t d at 165 A
Turn 370
168 B t d at Algorab
Sending 10 colonizers to previously bombed systems,
military support may be a little low if the AI goes to systems beyond its range
(as another Aviari ship actually does)
Turn 371
10 new cols
Weapon IV -> VII
28 B t d at 167ur
Sending about 400M pop to 10 new cols
Turn 372
Construction VI -> VII, Fields IV -> V
Turn 373
Destroyed a Aviari col, the galaxy applauded as usual
171 B t d at 168r
Turn 374
Mrrshan ask for peace, agreed
77 A t d at Katsuka
Mrsshan just sent 6 ships to my colony 166
Turn 375
Mrrshan declare war :D
Turn 376
Psilon Psychon aliance
49 Psychon transport died at Ashikaga
Turn 377
Dar/Sarlok declared war
Destroyed 33 large Bulrathi ships, the remaining 20 retreated
Last remaining Klackon col reduced from ~ 120M to 1M in space battle
(the AI missile ships stayed until my bombs and tfpc fire had done the job)
178 M t d at Katsura
Turn 378
39 M t d at ?
Turn 379 to 382
Developing border cols, destroyed some loarge Bulrathi ships,
the huge ones never show up, looks like they scrapped them 2 times,
now with 7 ols total incl 2 star gates they probably cant afford the upkeep for ships

To my surprise the last klackon colony produces ships which i cant interdept in orbit,
the simply fly away to various destinations.

Turn 383
Comp IX -> X
177 B t d at 180r
Turn 384
Planetology I -> II
Turn 385
Failed toMrrshan col in battle, managed it with a Meklar col

Turn 386
Destroyed 2 bulrathi cols, 1 to go, 1 to conquer and a long border is secured by empty systrems buffer zone,
Turn 387
Recalled some diplomats, the diplo contacts in Next turn phase take too long,
also noticed a ton of java.lang.errors in the java session window
Turn 388
Destroyed a kitty and a Psychon col in battle
Turn 389
Last bulrathi col in western part of central bottom taken, they have left only 2 to the right

Turn 390
Developing new cols and sending ships to systems in neutral zone of destroryed enemy cols

Turn 391
Future comp X at 100% since last turn, did not pop,
ffwd to turn 394 showed same behaviour for propusion,
so there is no more miniaturization through research possible,and all BCs put in tech are futile,
that would force me doenemy cols as fast as possible
before they catch up in tech and build ships with the same equipment and amount of weapons,
i.e. all the AI species played by a human would probably win vs my silicoids played by a human,
assuming the AI colonies would not suffer from the upkeep for star gates
and scrap missile bases on systems that are out of reach of the Slilcoid

I will not spend the many hours required for eliminating all opposition,
the next turn phases require already a couple secs and for every diplomatic contact a few more secs, I have extreme lags for sliders on the colonies screen, so i only place reseve there,
and my own turns easily10+ min for microing cols, ships and transports. However i consider this playthrough a win ;)

Dude, get my governor mod, it will save you heaps of micromanagement