= I need help with Peugeot 206 =

Good. I come to ask for advice or if I am so lucky the solution. This is the 7th time, more or less, that my car stopped, the thing is like this:
Out of nowhere the engine turns off (walking) the oil warning light comes on, the temperature arrow dies, it goes to the floor, an error appears on the screen in Italian that says something like an engine lock for some kind of security system. I didn't take a picture of it because I'm a. The first time we made it start by disconnecting the battery, touching wires in the fuse box, and resetting the car console like this: httpsyoutu.be/bHrZ93uBbqM
That first time the car didn't last long without the error being thrown again, I took it to an electrician, he adjusted what he said the cable that commands everything, he didn't charge me anything and he never screwed me up again. Until today. (It will have been a few months). Except one more time, that time I slapped the fuse box, it fixed it, and that's how I did about 1000-2000km more with no problems

The car from time to time turns off by itself, it could be something else, or I don't know. Also, again, from time to time the air conditioning turns on by itself. I have two warning lights always on, the airbag and the abs. Both things work, in theory

And all this happens (I think) when the car goes over 90. I don't want to confuse but on time the car turned off (but started again after the first turn of the key) in heavy traffic. The other problem that, as I know, was never in traffic, nor was it necessarily when the car was hot

Anyway, I just ask that if anyone knows a place or had a similar experience, how can I solve it or where can I take it. I'm not in a position to change the car but I can afford to fix it

Thanks in advance

Forgot to say I spent like 40 minutes trying to get it to start today, disconnected the battery, touched all the wires to the fuse box, reset the console. I didn't want to know anything, I called my old man about 7 times to come get me. I restart the console again, start the car and park my old man.