= TDRCR Finale - Peugeot 607 Pescarolo =

Its a difficult question, to be honest

The Peugeot as you know, is one of the fastest drag car in Super rare. However, doing a 332 build will compromise handling. Unlike other drag cars, the Peugeot has decent handling which makes it also viable for high speed tracks and city streets

Hence, the 323 is a viable build because theoretically the most versatile build, since 323 beats 332 on tracks with corners and 323 beats 233 on drags

This used to be true a long time ago, however as more updates are introduced and some game engine tweaks, making some cars 233 beating 323 on drags, making 323 build(TVR 450 SEAC for example). Luckily this isn't very true for most Super Rare where 323 is better, but we are seeing more cars with 233 beating 323 builds

tldr: its more versatile than 233 while its still an SR

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