= My 'new' luxury Peugeot 607 from 2001 =

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If it's got a throttle cable it's worth replacing before it roasts you. These have a fun quirk for wearing the cable shroud and usually you find out when the throttle sticks open. It's entertainment once it's not your car and you're aware. I don't think we need to roast it, bit of sympathy maybe for how Peugeot have roasted you into owning it
I actually bought it from a friend for €700 because the turbo of my Renault Laguna 2 crapped out and there was no point in fixing it. The friend was glad to sell it to me because she had nowhere to park thething, it's five metres long, which is enormous by European standards. And yes, I like French cars a lot

Well, I get why she did that, the 607 is certainly more quirky or unique than its other executive segment rivals. I actually think it looks better from the rear or the sides than BMWs, Audis, etc. The problem is that the front looks like an inflated 206, which was one of the cheapest cars from Peugeot at the time

As the french gave up their country in 1940, they have been giving up since, including this car

The electric components in this car were neat when the car was new, but as soon as the car touched pavement outside the dealer, they started to rot like theinside your wall. Not noticeable at first, but deadly after a while

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