= Thoughts on Peugeot 607 =

A pretty OK car. Both the diesel and gasoline engines are very good (mounted on the 406 and 407 too IIRC)

The gearboxes are good for a 20 years old car. The automatic ones are generally good if serviced regularly

TBF the only think to dislike in the car is the amount of early 2000s technology - the electronics sometimes don't function as intended

Watch for rust on the side skirts and the trunk lid. Make sure the parking aid (if installed) is functioning, as the car is actually pretty big

The milage is good for a car in it's class, the dynamics are ok and the comfort level is good (I found it pleasant to drive despite back problems). Trunk space is good-ish, although for space I would always buy a 407sw or a 307sw

Overall a 6/10 car

The 2.7l diesel is (forgive my english for the literal translation on this one) a beast, when it's not broken. Same goes for the 3.2 biturbo gasoline engine. The 2.0l HDi is a good engine, although a little bit underpowered for the car. I would pick either a 2.2l HDi or the 2.2l gasoline. The 3.0 V6 from the 406 is also a viable option, but I found it a bit hard to work on.