= How is the Peugeot 208 doing? I am interested in that vehicle, automatic and Flex. Will you put up with ourstreets? I am afraid that it will fall very quickly and what about the spare parts etc, are they not very expensive? =

Lgm Peugeot I do not recommend, I have many uncles and cousins ​​who have had problems with the dealership for years, they take the vehicle out, they have problems and they don't even know how to solve it and they give it a new one and that's it 😂 every year they have a 0km but with a thousand problems involved!
I have a friend who took off the same one you are saying and after 2 days her steering wheel was already hard, Jeyma didn't know what it was and they had to change it 
So I have a thousand experiences of Peugeot, people who understand do not recommend buying for that reason, they have no resale value after a few years, the post is always a Toyota! Toyota never leaves you
I think that if you can buy one of those, you can buy a newer toyota and also use it in uber, almost the samebut without problems and net profit (apart from the normal fuel)Lately there is a lot of talk about hybrids also, very good investment and noon the price, you walk with 30 thousand gs per month of fuel
I drive a 3008 of my aunt, every day as a driver. And I believe that it may be one of the best vehicles ever created for daily use. Comfort is another level, also the price is another level😂. It is the 2.0 Diesel Year 2018, it consumes 6 to 6.5 l/100km. The rush and safety when driving is crazy, in sport mode you do 0-100 in 9 seconds in sequence

For information on vehicles, there is a forum where you can find more assistance, motors.com.py

Of Peugeot you can tell that it is a very good vehicle, but not for Paraguay, in the long run they suffer a lot with high temperatures, the design is designed more for lower temperatures, its cooling system is very small compared to what is it needs in Paraguay and as I told you in the long run it starts to fail at that point, obviously a zero km is not going to give you problems at the beginning but as it starts to wear out it can overheat the engine and bye

I know many people who have or had and it is always the same problem, when I was in school I had a mechanics teacher who told us in fact that even the compression and other configuration parameters of the engine's operation were to withstand very low temperatures (the worked in a Peugeot factory) that is why it is very popular in cold countries

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