= Ideas for aftermarket stereos for Peugeot 607 '03 2.2 =

Hi so recently got myself Peugeot 607 2.2 petrol and trying to find good stereo system to replace original one. Mostly aiming for Bluetooth and hand's free function, although stuff like reverse camera on central console would be good extra , found something like this httpsallegro.pl/oferta/radio-blow-avh-9880-2din-nawigacja-gps-7c-bt-usb-7413383248 myself, although it seems like it's cheap end. Budget around 150-250 EUR, any ideas?

Car-hifi installer here, i have built in components from pretty much every known company over the years. What i can tell you, is that you should look out for "alpine" headunits, as they are causing the least problems, are nice to handle and stand even "rough" conditions (built them in several strech limos). If your budget is a little to low, seek out for used ones

Man been real silent in Peugeot sub and here. Though I ask you here Found something like this
I know its not alpine but pioneer shouldn't releasealso, although it's cheap end model, but I am kinda liking it after watching few YouTube videos, any input? Thanks