= 3. Peugeot e-208 (2022) - The competition, the overall balance sheet, all prices =

The competition: numerous and varied
The lioness has no shortage of rivals. Facing it, we immediately think of the Renault Zoé, which is starting to age despite its efficiency still in the loop. There's also the Opel Corsa-e, which has benefited from the same changes as its French cousin for almost the same price. Finally, in the same budget, there is also the Fiat 500, which is very successful. In the extremes, this e-208 must be wary of the Dacia Spring with much less flattering but much more accessible benefits as well as the much more expensive Mini e

To remember: real differences but …
One might have feared that the transformations made were just window dressing, but this is not the case. Thanks to them, the 208 gains in efficiency, which is essential for an electric model. Be careful, however, we advise you to wait a few more months, because Peugeot will unveil an optimized version of its city car which should gain in particular in autonomy thanks to the adoption of a new battery as well as other new features which are still kept secret. at this hour

**Caradisiac liked it**
- Always pleasant behavior
- The modern and nice interior presentation
- The style
- The increase in autonomy
- Charges up to 100 kW in direct current
**Caradisiac did not like**
- Very average practical aspects
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