= Should I sell or keep my 2008 Peugeot 107? =

Recently I have got my driver’s licence and now my grandmother has given me her 2008 Peugeot 107. She is no longer driving and has gifted me her car, so I can do whatever I want with it

I honestly love it and it’s perfectly fine for my needs, but the only thing Iabout it is its age and the fact that she used it so little

A 14-year-old car in mint condition with only 12000 kilometers is really hard to sell because:
It’s worth so much more than I can get for it due to its age

Any potential buyers will be skeptical about the mileage and will definitely think the odometer has been tampered with

My question is should I just sell it for whatever I can get or keep driving it until there’s an actual need for an upgrade? I’m mainly worried about its longevity since it’s already 14 years old and has been sitting in a garage for more than it’s been in use

Any advice is appreciated!

To put this in to context - if you go to London there are tube trains that you will step on that were built in the 1972. There are planes in the sky over your head that were built in the 1970's. The house you're in, structurally, will be decades old by now. 14 years on a modern car is nothing now

You're over thinking the mileage though. It's not unusual for a car that has one lady owner with a service history to be seen as a mega bargain. It's a 107, not a Bugatti. Anyone comes along thinking they're Mike Brewer, tell them to FRO

However, I would like to point out that a 107 offers a new driver the cheapest form of transport that isn't a bus pass. While it might not have been used a lot - which could result in a few oil leaks or rubber components that might be a bit perished - they are buttons to fix as well. You know the previous owner, you will know if it's been looked after. Why swap that for a few quid to then spunk on a car of unknown history? That's worse IMHO than driving a 14 year old car

If I had the option of a free Peugeot 107 when I passed my test I'd have bitten any hand that was offering it to me. Instead I bought my 107 new in 2010 and I still have it. It's not used as much as it once was, but it has never, ever let me down in those 12 years

You think that car is old? I have a 106 from 1992 and a Kia from 2007, that 107 is in much more good condition than other cars, use it for around two years then sell it, you are to much worried, you have a very good first car, low mileage, you know the car history since it was brand new, you know who the previous owner was and that the mileage is 100% correct, could you get something better than that? Bro I would keep that car, take good care of it and sell it in a few years
You clearly don't know what you are talking about. My car is from 2005 and is the youngest car I've ever owned. Nothing wrong with it if it is properly serviced every whatever km. The thing you should be worried about though is the low mileage. Cars with that age and such a low mileage tend to not get properly hot resulting in more wear and tear, especially the engine. The problem isn't the age, the problem (if any) is the low mileage in combination with the age

Exactly, my main concern with it is the fact that it’s a 14-year-old car that hasn’t been properly used and I’m worried so much inactivity will cause more issues than if it’s been in constant use for all these years. I’ll definitely have to get it completely checked and see if anything got deteriorated/damaged from sitting so much
The 107 has very little problems. Besides, 2008 isnt that old. Its a cheap car to own, maintain, insure, drive. It has great mpg if you want to and its zippy enough if you give it some bite. Imo its the perfect starting car for people with a bit more budget (Low budget my pick is a micra but im biased). You got yours for free, and low mileage at that. Give her a good service and shell treat you well

Other then that, remember that its a gift from your gran. She might be hurt if you sell it and if/when she passes, youll regret selling it

Cherish it!
A car was gifted to you for free. You know the owner and how they have driven it over the 14 years they have had it. You know it’s been serviced regularly and correctly. I’d have snapped anyones hand off the instant they let me have my first car for free

Keep it and run it until the wheels fall off of the valves decide to dance around on the bonnet. It makes economical sense to keep it going as it’s a cheap car to run and you can learn to fix things on it yourself fairly cheaply as well

My first car was a 106 diesel and I learnt so much about motoring in that thing I was heartbroken when it eventually went to the scrap heap in the sky

Keep it, enjoy it and love it until it’s last gear change.