= top 5 rappers in boston? =

i’m tired of seein those wacklists floating around social media by people that aren’t even really tapped in so share some top 5’s please…
in no order i think i’ll go: bia, millyz, ygizzle, cash gotti, g fredo
honorable mentions: jiggztb, 7981 kal and kye bills
Man I feel like Cash Gotti has all the talent but just isn’t consistent enough…”Ace” will forever be one of the doper tracks to come out of the city though
illy dee tough, dtheflyest cold def shoulda put him down with honorable mentions…fake sleep on the rest of the btl guys tho, tap me in
My top 5 based on who I've been listening to the most lately (in no particular order) gotta be:
Y Gizzle
Sidestreet Capo
Ricky Mazarati
Imma be completely honest I low key still listen to Leek Rizzuto despite howwent down with him lol

*Honorable mentions: G Fredo, King Brickz, 8Zipp, Q Philly, 107Munchie, Blazo (RIP), Papp Menino, Dun Dealy, Billy Bando, TwoGz aka Punch*
Top 5 of all time I'd have to think about that a bit more.

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