**Fortnite** is a survival game from one of the best gaming company, Epic Games. With lots of rumors about **Fortnite for Nintendo Switch now finally the game is available for this gaming console. According to an e-shop or an online store, the game is going to be available soon for Nintendo Switch

By this people are now sure or the rumors for this game now clearly state that soon company is going to launch this game for this gaming console. Right now there is a big event E3 which is going on and many companies are announcing many things about their next moves in the event

**Fortnite for Nintendo Switch **
Well as per the rumors
**Fortnite for Nintendo Switch **is going to announce at E3 by the company. There was news that one hacker said that he injected code in that eShop switch, but dont worry its just a rumor and nothing else

Well, few hours left for the event E3 and our experts are sure for the announcement of
**Fortnite for Nintendo Switch Gaming Console Apart from all these things a twitter update by the name Simon Aarons clearly states that now Fortnite has already been uploaded in the eShop and people can place the order very soon

@SciresM While you may not be able to view the Fortnite eShop listing in the storefront (Ashigaru) yet, Shogun + my tool is always there to save the day pic.twitter.com/ljzy8baBzp
 Simon Aarons (@SimonMKWii) 11 June 2018
According to the eShop game is going to launch for this gaming console on 12th June 2018. Nintendo will stream its E3 event and in the event, the company will officially launch this game for Switch. So now all the proofs clarify that game is coming soon in this event, Now a few hours left for the stream only thing we can do is fingers crossed

There are many people who started searching 
**How to get Fortnite for Nintendo Switch Online Well keep calm people soon it is going to be available on digital as well as offline stores. This is a big move by both Nintendo and Epic Games, surely the company will get a good response to this move. Lets us know how your feel about the news by the comment section below.