The world of digital music and audio production is driven by a harmonious blend of science and artistry. From the composers who craft the spellbinding scores for today’s interactive media to the engineers who build the tools and technology by which we hear them, the entertainment industry relies on the skills and passions of these and many other audio experts

DigiPen’s audio-focused degree programs can prepare you for a number of professional pathways in music and sound. Graduates have gone on to launch their careers as audio programmers working on commercial game engines, sound designers for triple-A and indie development studios, and more. Whether you aspire more towards the creative or technological side of the spectrum, both of DigiPen’s audio and music degree programs provide a holistic approach to mastering the medium of sound — as well as a collaborative environment in which you’ll work alongside your peers from other disciplines on creative team-based projects

• None Want to create music and sophisticated soundscapes for games, VR, film, and other digital media? This degree combines foundational music coursework — including music history, theory, composition, and performance — with practical training in studio recording and sound design

• None In this program, you’ll study software engineering and learn to develop digital audio systems for video games and interactive media. You’ll also learn about studio recording techniques, sound design, and music theory.