r/environment - Record-threatening heat wave to scorch central U.S. "In some locations, temperatures could surge to 20 to 25 degrees above normal."

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r/TMNT - This thing just came in and I need to find a quality recording device to convert the sound bytes to mp3s. Don’t expect the buttons to last forever. Can anyone recommend anything?

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r/Filmmakers - Hi Filmmakers! I spent a day recording the destruction of fruits and vegetables (so you don't have to!). You can download smashing, chopping, smacking, squishing, squeezing, stabbing & hammering sound effects royalty-free. I hope it helps you too, Marcel

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r/audio - Zoom H4n Pro 90 degree direction/positioning. I usually use a xlr plugged in but which direction for onboard. my brain see 90 degrees and can't decide which perspective when recording myself 1 or 2 if IM talking into the device.

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r/transvoice - FtM transguy. was not trying to sound like a cis man in this recording. Was just singing naturally in my authentic voice. Any comments/opinions/ etc welcome