= Live performances better than the studio recording =

Tell me about a live performance you've experienced (in person or recording) that was just so much better than the one you heard on the album

Maybe not the performance itself but the audience reaction/singing along that gave you chills

I'm open to any genre and my personal pick would be Nightwish - Ghost love score at wacken 2013, i still get full body
~~orgasms~~ chills when i listen to it


I saw eakamouse live at the fox theater in Boulder. One of the best audience interactions I've ever seen

Basically every concert I visited was a great experience and better as listening to a recorded version except Metallica and Volbeat, they weren't really good live

Mony, Mony by Billy Idol. The live version was a #1 hit

The Bob Seger album Nine Tonight is a live album where all the songs get energized by the crowd's response

Rod Stewart's version of Reason to Believe on his Live Unplugged album

All of Nirvana's MTV Live Unplugged in New York

Nirvana's unplugged was a close second for me, too
Will definitely check out the others
Cage the Elephant at a small theater in Denver maybe 15 years ago. Band was so tight but the crowd work was above anything I've ever seen. Singer dove into the crowd and was crowdsurfing while singing lyrics. It's like the crowd knew what to do. When it was time for the chorus the crowdhim up onto his feet and pushed him up high just in time to bust into the chorus. Jaw dropped

Hocus Pocus' live TV performance of Focus is the definitive version for me
Every single Phish and Grateful Dead show are better than any of their studio albums

The Doors double live album. The riffs, the craziness of Jim, the improvisation and changing of song tunes. I listened to a few songs from my roommate in college and didn't like the Doors. Then after I heard the Live album and was blown away. Couldn't believe it was the same group. Shows how..much the execs probably limited their sound. Had Jim not died and got creative they would have had so much more in the closet

Also Deep Purple, Live in Tokyo. Blackmore's guitar, the voice, the energy. Finally bought a studio album after

The hard-core band sanction. They are great on the album but live was just a whole other level. Counterparts was great too (same show) but Sanction really blew it out of the water

Garth Brooks live double CD has every song on it being better than his studio versions

I think realistically, most acts are better live, if they're not pop acts

Frank Sinatra did The Lady Is a Tramp at Madison Square Garden in 1973, and it's one of my favorites from him

Piggybacking off an earlier comment; Phish that’s when they seal the deal seeing them live. Also Tech Nine was amazing live did nothing for me album wise
Tool, Cypress Hill, the Strokes, all bluegrass it's better live.. Cage the elephant tops any & all shows live. Like them or not you'll luv the energy given. That's only there cause I've never been to strokes show😫😍 Julian Casablancas my goodness.. sure there's more I'll cube back if I think of more..I like this post btw
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