= Attention Musicians: New recording studio looking to build portfolio! =

Hi all, I recently started my own business and opened up a small recording studio in the Bergen Lafayette area of JC where I record, mix and master music. I play in a local JC band and I'm willing to help produce your project if interested. Like the title says, I'm currently trying to build my portfolio which means I'm willing to work at extremely discounted rates at the moment. I also offer one free mix and master for pre-recorded tracks! Please feel free to reach out to me on here or visit my website (tripleeyestudio.com)!
I’m most experienced with alternative rock and post-hardcore styles of music. But, I also like to experiment with whatever type of music comes through the door! I recently mixed a rap song and I had a lot of fun doing so. Really down to work with anything! Any style in particular that you play?
I love the name! This is exciting and an awesome addition to the Jersey City artist community. What kind of music do you typically work on/ want to work on?
Thank so much! Being a musician who has been in active bands for over 10+ years I’m most experienced in the realm of ambient/alternative rock and post-hardcore. But, I’m willing to work on any style of music. My goal as an audio engineer is to be as diverse as possible!
Congrats on the new studio! If you know any bands that need a guitarist, or anyone that wants to start a band. Let me know!
I have recorded tracks . I might hit you up in a month or so. I have a baby so it’s hard to be organized

Sounds good! I have a baby too so I totally understand. Justme an email when you’re ready

email: [email protected]
I will absolutely be hitting you up! Currently putting together a group of musicians to record some of my originals

Let’s do it! Just email me at [email protected] whenever you’re ready to talk
This is cool, and I'm glad it's in Bergen Lafayette, but I would replace "near downtown" with that

Okay thanks! I live a town over in Bayonne and only work out of JC so I wasn’t sure what best describes the area but thanks for the suggestion. I’ll start using that!
This is rad! Def interested. When you say “near downtown” how close are we talking?
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