= Vic Tyler, back in the studio, re-recording Dawson's Christian after 33 years =

Vic came out to David Lange Studios (Edgewood, WA) to record scratch tracks for a new version of Dawson's Christian today

You can also see the amazing Benjamin Lange running the session (he's producing/engineering.)
owwww, couple versions of the song out there be great to see if it's re imagined or just a straight rerecording
That's indeed one of the questions that Ben and Vic are deciding — should they go more in the direction of homages to the original (i.e. a reed player), vs. a new direction?
Hopefully by end of year? Depends on Vic and Ben's schedules

And the intent is to just put it on the usual streaming services, for now

Has it been 30 years? Well, I've had it on tape, on CD and now to stream, so I guess it must be. You can't bury aof a good space yarn, or an excellent singer

That's very exciting to hear. I'd love to get a whole album re-recorded and put on tape, or just new tapes made. That's kind of a pipe dream, with how much work and artists it'd take but I can be hopeful

We'll definitely see what this ends up becoming

I think it'll depend on what Vic and Ben are looking for, for starters.