r/beatmakers - made this real old school sounding beat, here’s a recording i took, and a look at my tiny studio corner

r/TheSmile - If anyone is interested in the music that was played in Montreux between the concerts of Stillman and the Smile. One of the sound engineers kindly took a photo of the playlist for me.

r/Digitalmode - Sound Engineering College in India | Music Production School

r/redbubbletrend - "Music Engine Sound Player with Vinyl - Cassette and Headphone" T-shirt by RalphDior | Redbubble | music note t-shirts - singer t-shirts

r/rnb - i am music producer and sound engineer

r/Dolby - [Historical Engineer] Ray Dolby, the Engineer Who Revamped Sound Technology

r/PlayAIA - April 2022: Building construction, agency technology, music, and more sounds!

r/OzBargainNew - $49 tickets to Sound West Sydney: Music and Technology Conference Thursday August 25

r/CarAV - Hey lads. So I have a bmw e39 looking to upgrade to some solid audio. I prefer solid treble, mid and bass and I like my background of my music perfectly comprehensible. But I’m not too versed in sound or audio engineering and would like someone that can guide me to my audio goals.

Top Audio Engineering Courses Online - Updated [September 2022]

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