= Meta on recording tech: the LG V30 phone I just scored =

I just scored an LG V30 phone. I bought it specifically because of two killer features that are relevant to "activist use" in public:
A secondary camera with wide angle capabilities. It isn't perfect: it has no hardware image stabilization, but if you're looking to limit "blind spots" it's awesome. The new LG G7 has it too, and reduces some of the edge distortion, but at a cost of a lesser wide angle range

If it's a loud public place, it will use the main speaker as a superboosted secondary microphone with noise canceling capabilities

The V30 is no longer the phone with the best specs overall - the Samsung Galaxy 9 has a hotter CPU (Snapdragon 945 instead of the 935 in the V30) and slightly faster LTE speeds but as an activist cameraphone the V30 has a combination of features that might never again be duplicated for some time. No idea how many of these features might carry over to the upcoming V30s, V35, etc

The V30 has now been out long enough (six months) that the early screen bugs are gone and the prices are dropping. On Tmobile it's available zero-down

They have different wide angle cams. The one on the V30 is wider than the G6 and G7. Not sure about the V20

The V30 on Tmobile's network also has the new 600mHz frequency Tmo bought into. Over the course of the next few years this will give boosted rural signals if you're live-streaming in a smaller town. The V20 and G6 lack this, G7 has it

As far as I can tell the boosted mic is a V30 exclusive so far

Encrypt the phone. Use an app like Powerboot or Startup Manager to schedule a phone restart at like 3 am

Now if they seize your phone they have until it reset to get access to it. Since it reboots on its own even if they put it inside a cage to block signals it will still reboot and turn on the encryption. Same if they turn it off themselves to save battery, it will be encrypted on boot and they will need to break that encryption before getting any data or even booting the phone to any usable GUI

Similarly you can have the phone save local video/photo files to a dropbox folder or GDrive folder so it auto uploads to your box as well

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